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Bshs 325 Week 4 Later Adulthood Development Paper

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This file of BSHS 325 Week 4 Discussion Question 1 comprises:

How would you apply the strengths, needs, abilities, and preferences principles in your desired future, or current, human services career? How will this benefit you and the client?

Deadline: ( ), General Questions - General General Questions
1. What medium did Andrew Wyeth use to paint Christina's World?
A. Oils
B. Watercolors
C. Ink
D. Tempera paint
2. Why are paintings from medieval times more generic, lacking individual qualities?
A. Painters copied from ...view middle of the document...

4. The pyramids of the Mayans were used as
A. government seats.
B. royal dwellings.
C. tombs.
D. religious sites.
5. Many of Hans Holbein's religious paintings were destroyed in the name of the Protestant movement
known as
A. Papism.
B. Monotheism.
C. Iconoclasm.
D. Agnosticism.
6. ________ shapes are representational shapes that have been simplified.
A. Organic
B. Geometric
C. Nonrepresentational
D. Abstract
7. Which one of the following types of balance is less restrictive and more dynamic than the others?
A. Asymmetrical balance
B. Radial balance
C. Symmetrical balance
D. Bilateral balance
8. What artistic development is characterized by unique compositions, S-like shapes, elegance, and a lack
of emotion?
A. Baroque
B. Modernism
C. Rococo
D. Mannerism
9. Throughout the Renaissance, the _______ was used in paintings as a structural innovation that used
geometric underpinning.
A. base line

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