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Assessment Task 2
Recruitment & Selection Consultation
Business Profile – P&C Micros
From head offices in Melbourne Australia, this innovative design and manufacturing company, best known for its “Zone” brand of lasertag games, produces and distributes a range of products into the entertainment and theme park industry across the world. P&C Micros relies heavily on ground technical expertise and support for its products with its regional corporate support offices in Asia, North America, South America, Russia and Europe and also many sales and distribution staff in various other countries across all time zones.
• Family owned business.
• Multinational company.
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Computer networks between Head Office and China need to be set up and supported. Data storage and software backup systems need to be configured and maintained. An I.T Network and Internet Specialist would be a valuable asset.
This position would be offered as a full time position.

2. Industrial Relations Expert … (part time)
As a small business, it can be hard to keep up to date with changes to government legislation and workplace relations matters. The role currently falls to the Managing Director who is often too busy to go to conferences or research and read all of the relevant materials. An Industrial Relations expert would look after all IR matters, providing advice on employee matters and interpretation of Federal legislation. As a small business, it would not be economical or practical to provide this position as a full time position.
This position would be offered as a part time position.

Current HR Plan – P&C Micro’s
The current HR plan for P&C Micros includes the following processes and procedures:
• Determine the need to fill a position.
• Determine the requirements for that position (analyse the position).
➢ Discuss the position with the relevant Department Head.
➢ Define the skills required for the position.
➢ Work out if the person can be hired internally (friends and acquaintances).
• Arrange to advertise the position (if not hiring internally).
➢ Company Director drafts a job ad and publishes it on the Internet and in relevant print media (this includes newspapers, magazines and specialized industry publications).
• Short list applicants and conduct interviews.
➢ Company Director and Department Head.
• Job offer.
➢ Company Director calls the successful applicant.
• Induction.
➢ Company Director drafts employee contract and gets new employee to sign.
➢ Department Head shows the new employee around the building.
➢ Meet and greet the staff.
Gaps and potential shortcomings with existing P&C Micros HR plan
As a small business, there is a tendency to rely too heavily on hiring staff from internal sources (ie, friends and acquaintances). This often results in staff that are not as skilled as they should be.
As a small business, the company tends to go more for “Jack of all trades” persons, as opposed to trying to find people specifically suited to the intended role.

The kinds of problems which can result from these gaps and shortcomings
• The possibility of obtaining staff who are not properly suited to the role.
• The possibility of obtaining staff who are not specifically skilled for the role.
• The requirement for additional training.
• The cost to the company these things bring about such as costs in money, time and lost productivity.

Suggested changes to the existing P&C Micros HR plan
Whilst the steps and methods in the P&C Micros HR plan...

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