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Bsb Question And Answer Essay

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Assessment 1 – Question and Answer
1) Discuss any four ways in which you can monitor your team’s ability to meet customer service standards.

Customer feedback - the customer is the only person who can tell the company how their work is useful/helpful (as the company works to satisfy their necessities). Their feedback let the company measure their satisfaction and with this information they can improve their services / products.
Team meetings – the staff deal with the customers or at least make part in the service/product which is going to be delivery to the customer. If a problem happens and the customer doesn't write a feedback about it, but just gently comment with the staff about it. ...view middle of the document...

It’s the organisation's responsibility to make sure they are meeting the law standards and not discriminating against another person/group.
Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 – an employer must provide and maintain for his employees a safe and without risk working environment. The organisation must have their own Policies and Procedures with the law requirements and the specific aspects of the business to define and to recommend what to do in certain situations. It also helps the employees to be aware of the problems they can face it and how to deal with it.
Privacy Act 1988 – it’s related to personal information about individuals and regulates how the companies should handle it. The organisation is responsible to the information in their data-base and how their collect, hold, use, and disclose it's important to maintain the privacy of the customers intact.

3) What is the difference between public relations and product promotion?

Public relations are the act of creating and maintaining relationships between an organisation and its public. It can be done through social media, interviews, and reports.
Product promotion is the method of spreading the word about the product/service with the intention to encouraging people to buy it. It can be done through advertising, referral, sales promotion.

4) How can an organisation establish best practice models when it comes to quality customer service?

It's a continuous process where the organisation should scan what they competitors or the leaders in the market are adopting when it comes to strategies to provide a quality customer service. Once the best practice has been identified, the organisation should compare it with their current practices and check if they can adopt and how to integrate into their business.

5) Why is it important for a business to have a policy and procedures in place for Customer Service including Handling Customer Complaints?

The company policy and procedures is a kind of a manual which contain relevant information about the business. For this reason it’s important to mention and guide in this manual how the organisation and its staff are going to service their customers and manage they complaints. A well managed service customer helps to keep the cycle of service (from the first customer contact to service delivered to the customer) always working as it should be: complete and with no dissatisfied customer.
Once this guide has been created it’s important to modify day by day as new information comes and old problems has been fixed.

6) Explain with reasons, the 4 step technique you could use to resolve a customer complain.

1st – Pay attention in what the customer is complaining about: demonstrate that you are prepared to help your customer. Show that you care and listen carefully what the complaint is and how it’s affecting your customer.
2nd – Make notes: make sure you understand the problem by writing what are the main points about the...

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