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Bsa 375 Week 2 Indivual Essay

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Daniel R. MacLeod
BSA / 375
Jan 6, 2014


Riordan Manufacturing is a global manufacture of plastics ranging from Bottles to heart stents. The company employs 550 people all working to further development of their product. The company itself projects approximately $46 million annually. The company has established plants on many states here in the United States, as well having facility’s in China producing their product the company has a major research and development center located in California.

The COO of the company has issued a service request for our company to analyze your Human resources department with the hopes of bringing a more state-of-the art ...view middle of the document...

The main areas of requirements will obtained from are the corporate division, as well as the Hiring, Training, Recruitment, and Payroll department. The main reason for involving these departments with corporate division is to find out the wants and needs of the HR department so we can better serve Riordan Manufacturing as a whole. This intern will allow us as a developing branch to customize, or fit one of our current applications to best suit the request.

Information Gathering:

This will be a three part task form which the needs and requests will be formulated. Upon receiving the information back we will start to build a model around the information best suited for the company.

Step one will be interviews with the corporate division as well as meetings with the department heads of the affected departments to better understand what they are working with and need more of in the new IT system. This of course will be a valuable information gathering event and will be the launch for the second step in the gathering of information.
Step two will be discussions with the managers within the departments on the ground level, although we will not be able to do this in every location, there will be conference calls Via video feed to address the findings of the department heads and to gain more information on the ground level. It is the hope that this will ensure a fluid scope of the system.
Step three will be a survey sent out to Department managers listing the information gained and allows their input of the level of importance of each requirement. This will allow the system to be built around the most important features first...

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