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E-Commerce Kudler Fine Foods
Jan Masley
BSA 310
May 6, 2010
Charles Marshal

E-Commerce Kudler Fine Foods
Kudler Fine Foods is a California specialty fine foods store. Founded and financed by Kathy Kudler in 1998. The company has grown to three stores in La Jolla, Del Mar, and Encinitas. Since 1998 Kudler Fine Foods has grown in popularity and sales have grown by more than 10 times what they were in 1998. This document has been prepared in response to a service request (SR-kf-013) generated in response to a need to develop a Frequent Shoppers Program with the use of E-Commerce at the Kudler stores. The paper will describe, in the following outline, the legal, ethical, and ...view middle of the document...

The card can also be attained by registering at any of the three stores. This rewards card is tracked by a barcode or ID number. All customer information is stored in a database at the stores main office. A link on the website can be connected to partnerships and external companies for a further variety of rewards. A search utility is available to help customers find specific items quickly. Kudler Fine Foods electronic commerce website will have a shopping cart function which will take a customer to a check out page which allows the customer to use his or her loyalty points towards the total cost of their purchases.
The legal issues relating to this are very important. The first is copyright laws. Any of the pictures posted on the website need to have releases or be taken in house by Kudler Fine Foods. The creation of the web page has to be original not taken from another site. The need for electronic authorization is important in that Kudler Fine Foods will need to get the clients authorization to store their personal information and keep this information as secure as possible with this privacy issues come into play which can be addressed in a membership agreement with a detailed privacy policy which will help ensure the security of each customer’s personal information. This agreement will protect Kudler Fine Foods under the provisions of the agreement.
The ethical issues are not making any false representations such as enhancing pictures or use fake pictures to represent items that are to be purchased. Costs...

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