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Service Request SR – rm - 012 |
| BSA 310 |

Service Request SR – rm - 012 |
| BSA 310 |

Running Head: Riordan Manufacturing
Learning Team C: Richard Gioia, Tifany Read, Timothy Bergeron

Riordan Manufacturing Incorporated owned and operated by Riordan Industries, which is a Fortune 1000 enterprise with current revenues in excess of $1 billion US dollars. Riordan Manufacturing currently employs 550 people and has projected annual earnings of $46 million US dollars. Riordan Manufacturing is ...view middle of the document...

The Riordan service request pertains to two particular departments within Riordan Manufacturing, Sales and Marketing and Finance & Administration. Its' current level of operation consists of stand-alone systems which require labor-intensive data entry.
Riordan Manufacturing has grown to both nationally and internationally known as a leader in the production of plastic products. Current, sales and marketing maintains many dissimilar databases to record historical sales, as well as keeping additional paper files and microfiche. Riordan Maintains their market size, opportunity studies, and focus group information in hard copy form. These forms of data need compiling into one congruent system that will allow the department to project sales by drawing information from one source. Employees of the department must rely on paper copies to review the research on past marketing research, marketing plans and design awards.
The company has historical sales records that contain a great deal of useful information. Historical sales records include information about orders, delivery, and payment dates, which are all vital for market research. Customer information in historical sales consists of sales by customer to include the price paid, cost, margin and discount given. The company needs to scan these documents to be stored electronically for safekeeping. There is also various design awards Riordan Manufacturing been given to add into the history sales records.
The company's sales team is currently unorganized, with all of its members recording sales in different ways. In order for Riordan to be able to service its customers properly, it needs to understand and anticipate the customer's needs. The way to do that would be to have all sales team members on the same page as far as recording customer sales.
It is the wish of the department to convert all information to an interfaced network, which will allow various departments to view the information in order and to work jointly in creating future marketing plans. Video conferencing should be in place so the home office can have close contact with the other branches, especially China. Each staff member of the sales force is responsible for maintaining his own customer records, resulting in a disjointed approach to marketing similar companies and a non-effective means of maintaining the number of sales as a whole.
Additional statistics maintained as to the number of units produced of each item by shift, which combined to the product group and year of production. Interfacing these figures with inventory and sales will further increase efficiency of the department. Sales and Marketing in conjunction with finance and production need to maintain a profit and loss statement by utilizing a networking system that will automatically update the respective database by item and group. What the department desires is a system that will create and maintain a marketing budget based on past performance. The...

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