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Bsa 310 Kulder Accounting Information Essay

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Kudler Fine Foods is in the process of looking to upgrade their accounting software to be more efficient and to help manage the stores all together. It is very important for today’s accounting software to be up to date and easy to use. With an upgrade to Kudler Fine foods I feel more automated software to be used on and to recommend it to have different modules for better control and access for each department. I think that the accounting should have several accountants that overlook each other to help prevent stealing or mistakes. With this in program in running the business and the employees will find it more efficient and easier to deal with.
Some of the benefits of upgrade the accounting software are to have a system in place that would keep track of inventory and purchases in the store. This system would allow the administrator or accountant to immediately look at what was purchase time and how much. This would help ...view middle of the document...

This would also send an alert to the accounting department that would let them look at the department budgeting and see if there is other accounting issues that may need to be address. Other key elements of the program would be the benefits of pulling up reports instantly and use that information for meeting and profit and loss reports.
The core technology for this system would be a windows base OS system they would be easy to use and user friendly. This would include several hubs for each department that would feed into a central hub that would store all of the accounting information and all of the other department’s information. An upgrade to the current computer system would be needed but this could be done with minor interruptions to daily activity. The upgrade would allow scanners and hand held scanners to communicate with the new accounting software to provide instance numbers and inventory control. I think a program like NetSuite is a program that would be very affordable and easy to use. This system allows easy use and fast and deliverable reports.
The benefits a system would be great. It would provide streamline your business processes with the most complete online accounting software available. Get immediate access to comprehensive reporting and analytics that deliver the latest financial information about your business. Accelerate financial close and significantly improve revenue recognition processes. Ensure accountability and compliance with comprehensive, auditable accounting practices. Eliminate potential errors and streamline processes with an online accounting system that automatically integrates with NetSuite CRM and ecommerce processes.
The cost for a new accounting software program would benefit in the long run and I see a program like this allowing for faster, simpler and efficient was of making the business running better and communicated with each other. The initial cost would be big with the cost of the IT personal, the training and the implementation which I feel would only take a few weeks to learn the system.

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