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Brushing Your Teeth Properly Essay

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Presentation Outline
General purpose: To demonstrate to the audience the importance of taking care of their teeth, as well as how to brush their teeth properly.
Speaker’s goal: That the majority of the audience will remember the demonstration that I showed them so they may maintain healthy oral hygiene.
Thesis: Taking good care of your mouth and teeth will provide you with a healthy smile.

I. As you know, my name is Melanie and I am incredibly excited to share my passion with you tonight, healthy teeth.
II. Ice breaker- Story about bumping into an attractive person and then seeing their horrible teeth and losing interest.
III. According to the ...view middle of the document...

A. According to the Harvard Health Letter, most people think they brush longer than they actually do.
B. A good thorough brushing takes at least 2 minutes.
C. Brushing removes bacteria that will cause gingivitis.
Transition: Besides being necessary to brush for an adequate time, it is also important that you don’t miss areas where the bacteria could be hiding.
II. Work systematically when brushing to avoid missing spots.
A. People often spend more time brushing their front teeth.
B. The Harvard Letter suggests splitting the mouth into quadrants and brush from top left, to top right, to bottom right, and finishing at the bottom left.
C. Brush in small circles
D. The bacteria you miss will cause cavities.
Transition: By now you should know exactly how to brush your teeth the accurate in order to maintain the right oral care to prevent cavities and disease.

A. Practicing the right care and precautions while brushing your teeth will help prevent unwanted oral complications.
B. I encourage you all to go home tonight and, while brushing your teeth, think back to my demonstration and decide for yourself if you’re brushing to your advantage.


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Note cards

Intro of self. How to maintain proper oral hygiene by brushing.
Ice breaker – running into an attractive person with gross teeth

1. An article by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 80 percent of people first judge people by their...

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