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Bruce Dawes & Kj Adems Identity

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Explain how the aspects of identity are conveyed in Bruce Dawe’s “Sometimes Gladness” and a related text of your choice.

Identity is who you are, what you think about yourself, the way you are viewed by the world and the characteristics that define you. Bruce Dawe’s collection of poems “Sometimes Gladness” and KJ Adems Short Film “Identity” strongly express that the popular trends of the contemporary society heavily influence an individual’s personal identity. These texts share the idea that a universal public identity has been created due to an established requirement, which forces all people to adapt to social standards. Bruce Dawe’s poem “Americanised” personifies the relationship ...view middle of the document...

“Today I’ll let you play with mummy’s things, the toys that mark his short life – christening, birthday, Christmas – into a corner hurled. Mummy’s things what could compare to that?” This quote highlights that Australian’s have had to abandon the things that shaped our unique identity; in turn Australia has been given the privilege to inherit American culture, such as “Pepsi- Cola figurines to spam”. Through the quote “he tries to run, her large hands hold him fast, she loves him…. And the frightening fact sinks in” Dawe expresses his own feelings regarding Australia never rediscovering it’s own identity or becoming an independent country due to the endless American influence. It is evident throughout the poem that Dawe views the American influence as unbeneficial for Australia and a self-dependent Australian identity should be re-established. “Americanised” portrays loss of identity on a national scale. This poem supports the idea that America are heavily influencing the culture of Australia and essentially forcing Australian’s to adopt an American identity.

Bruce Dawe’s poem “Enter without so much as knocking” portrays the developing focus on consumerism and materialism in his respective society. This focus ultimately creates an identity adopted by all people. “Blink Blink, hospital silence” and “blink blink cemetery silence” is an example of framing within the poem. It supports the idea of the title, which refers to going through life unnoticed, as though they have entered a room without knocking to signify their arrival. In the first stanza Dawe conveys the baby entering the world in a sterile, emotionless environment, and being immediately exposed to western consumerism in the form of Bobby Dazzler. The second stanza describes his family; “one economy sized mum, one Anthony Squires cool-stream summer-weight dad, along with two kids straight off the junior department rack” This quote conveys the standard family, consisting of the standard house wife mother, the typical ‘9 to 5’ father, and two mass produced siblings with unspecified genders. As the child grows into a young adult he becomes exposed to consumerist world. The 6th stanza conveys a persona representing consumerism, giving the man advice about life. “It’s number one every time” this means individuals should act in their own best interests. “Hit wherever you see a head” this quote is a boxing allusion, which refers to taking every possible opportunity. “Kick whoever’s down” which encourages the man to benefit from others misfortunes. The last stanza emphasizes even during death the man cannot escape consumerism. “Probity & Sons, Morticians did a really good job on his face...

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