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Bronies: Changing What Makes A Man, A Man!

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27 July 2012
Bronies: Changing What Makes A Man, A Man.
A new sub-culture, called Bronies, follow a recreation of the little girl's show, My Little Pony, is helping change what defines what's girly and what's manly. They take a firm stand in honestly enjoying something originally seen as exclusively for underage girls. They claim there should be nothing wrong for adult men to like shows that have culturally been reserved for females. These individuals are generally shunned by the majority, similar like feminine men or as they are now called, metrosexuals, once were. Because of Bronies are changing the definitions and stereotypes which defines our genders, people are scared by the changes ...view middle of the document...

We can compare this situation with how Americans once viewed metrosexuals, due to pop culture, most men who were interested in things that were once thought to be strictly for women were considered gay. However thanks to shows such as Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, the idea of feminine men started to become more readily acceptable, especially when the corporations started promoting metro-sexuality to sell more products. (St. John) Recently, it has become more publicly acceptable to be a metrosexual in society. Peter Paige, a gay actor in the Showtime series Queer as Folk, complains that he has a hard time telling metrosexuals from gay men, "They're all low-slung jeans and working out with six packs and more hair product than I've ever used in my life, and they smell better than your mother on Easter." (St. John) In Metrosexuals Come Out, author Warren St. John talks about a 29 year old woman named Alycia Oaklander who fell in love with a metrosexual man named John Kilpatrick. John reportedly loves shopping and fashion as much as he loves to drink beer and watch baseball.(St. John) According to Alycia Oaklander's testimony, being a metrosexual is beyond just caring about your looks, but interests as well and Bronies are no different.
What attracts young men and women to this cartoon traditionally expected for female youths? MLP has a masculine hero, an intelligent scholar, a nature lover, fashion designer, a hard working farmer, and a party animal as the main characters. To Bronies, it doesn't matter that they are all females. Regardless having a main cast of females, this show does have a few ever increasing number of males as support characters. The show is more about working as a team, the value of friendship, and the diversity that friends can be. Even the most surprisingly shy and timid characters can surprise you with their acts of heroism. It teaches children to be assertive but not to the point of being a bully. It teaches trust and kindness, as well as understanding without losing the entertainment value targeted for today's youths.
MLP pushes the excitement factor while still being wholesome beyond anything we as a society has yet experienced. As a society, we are constantly bombarded by violence and random entertainment that lacks very little positive ethics. Bronies are individuals who are tired of the norm and need a form of escapism to a simpler and more wholesome environment. In doing so, they are actually challenging what defines masculine and feminine based on the show's content.
There is an aura of controversy and assumptions made by the general public about Bronies and their reasons for following MLP. Mike Rugnetta did a video on YouTube on the Brony community. Rugnetta discusses how the notions of what is masculine and feminine are not permanent but fluid. When discussing how mainstreamers view Bronies, Rugnetta quotes Philosopher John Stuart Mills, "We tend to accept whatever is usual as natural." He also...

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