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Broken Family Essay

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In today's society, there are many different types of families. Some include intact, non-intact, and a variety of others. Along with these different varieties of families there is one common incident that can cause the family structure to change. Divorce is an unexpected event in a family's life. It is something that affects each member of a family at different times and in different ways. This can change this attachment style and can make a child have feelings of anger, bitterness and confusion, which can alter the child's ability to form meaningful relationships. This is one impact that can take on adolescents, after a parental ...view middle of the document...

Teenagers who are exposed to parental conflicts and divorce are at higher risk for developing various problems. As the rates of divorce are increasing there is a need to know the effects of divorce on development of teenagers and its impact in their later life.

Consequently, this research was conducted to see and focus on the effects of separation on daughter’s academic performance. The researchers performed the necessary procedures and methods to achieve the results.
A relationship is strong factor compared to several that have an impact on an adolescent. Adolescents are in a significant time for cognitive, psychosocial and emotional transfiguration. This study aims to figure out the effects of parent’s separation to teenage daughters.
The researchers collected responds to the ff. questions:
1. What is the profile of the respondents according to their:
1.1 Age;
1.2 Educational Attainment; and
1.3 Gender.
2. What are the possible effects of parents separation on adolescents on academic performance in terms of:
a) Extra-curricular activities;
b) Academic potentialities; and
c) Socialization.
3. What is the significance of this study to the moral values of students at Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology?
Scope and Delimitation
The scope of this study is the students of Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology. Pre-questionnaires were distributed randomly. Ten students were selected by the researchers answered the main questionnaire given. It is assumed that teenage daughters may be negatively impacted by separation that may result in behavior problems, depression, and academic problems. The change in the teen’s performance is assumed to be caused by separation, but may also be caused by other reasons. One limitation to this study is that it assumes that they recognize how the separation has changed their relationship and views in life.

Significance of the Study
This part of the study explains about the relevance of this research study to the following:
For the future researchers. This will serve as a basis of reference for conducting research study. And use this as a reliable source of...

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