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Broadway Cafe

Due to the increases in technology over the past few decades Broadway Cafe must also adapt and increase their E-Business. I have several ideas to improve e-business and develop the Broadway Cafe Name.
It is important to improve the technological management system at the cafe. Benefits from increasing overall technological management system is to store recipes for employees, include popularity, how often in a day should a product be produced, and shelf life. Having this information on a computerized system will decrease waste and improve time to prepare products.

Implementing or improving a customer relationship management system will help maintain current customers ...view middle of the document...

When people come in and order large orders it slows everything down, giving them the option to order and pay for orders ahead of time will cut down wait times in the cafe.

Wifi is a must for any cafe in this technological decade. In order to compete with other cafes you must supply wifi for people’s laptops and phones. Providing customers with coffee and baked goods are as important as adding wifi.

Café’s aren’t just about sandwiches and coffee, they are about providing a place for social and intellectual gatherings, live music, and poetry readings. Providing free Wi-Fi is a fantastic incentive for bringing customers into the café (BBC News, 2008).
The free Internet access will also get the café listed in online directories such as Wi-Fi Free Spot (Wi-Fi Free Spot, 2008), and, while the connection is free, the café can offer the service in a way that a small, collapsible portion of the browser has advertising displayed on it, providing some additional revenue to the café (Fleishman, 2006).
Kiosks are definitely a nice touch, and would provide a competitive advantage over other coffee shops and cafes, which do not offer them. Wi-Fi is good for customers with laptops, kiosks are great for customers on their lunch break who don’t have a laptop with them. To keep the kiosks accessible, software will need to limit customers to 20-minute sessions during peak hours.


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