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Broaden Nursing Education Essay

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Developing an Increase of BSN Nurses

Isabel Perez
Chamberlain College of Nursing
NR351: Transition in Professional Nursing
Spring 2011

Developing an Increase of BSN Nurses
In today’s competitive job market it is essential to obtain a higher level of education to compete for higher end employment. This does not hold true for nursing because nurses do not have set standards to practice. When it comes to BSN preparation the AONE states “this educational preparation will prepare nurses of the future to function as equal partner, collaborator, and manage of The American Association (AACN) conveys that the baccalaureate of science in nursing should be minimum educational ...view middle of the document...

The BSN will also facilitate the nurse to have a variety of specialty areas to choose from such as management and education positions through a wide range of studies the BSN will be well prepared to deal with whatever situation may come their way. Research has proven RN’s “perceived the BSN as a means of leaving the clinical setting (Lillibridge & Fox, 2005). With regards to BSN, the American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE), states “this educational preparation will prepare nurses of the future to function as an equal partner...
Most RN’s are motivated to return to school for their BSN to fulfill their desire of a higher education. Others return to school seeking higher salaries, promotion in to management positions, and the reasons are endless, however obstacles are always present. Without the BSN, participants were limited to positions as staff nurses (Delaney & Piscopo, 2004; Zuzelo, 2001)
Some obstacles that the RN encounters which pose as a fork in the road to proceeding with obtaining their BSN are time constraints, cost, and length of BSN programs. Most RN have a family and need to contribute to their household, working full time makes it difficult to set aside enough time to study, others are not...

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