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Broadcast Journalists And The Inverted Pyramid Style Of Presenting The News

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In 1965, American broadcast journalist Edward R. Murrow stated, “We cannot make good news out of bad practice.” Although this quotation was originally in response to critics who wanted him to ignore racial problems to promote a better public image abroad, it can also be applied to the importance of presenting a quality newscast. In America, news media is considered the forth branch of the United States government. This concept stems from a belief that it is the news media's responsibility to deliver clear and accurate information to the populace in a compelling manner. Considering the effect the news has on society, as journalism scholars we need to ask why clarity and attention are ...view middle of the document...

Certain news stories have the ability to persuade people’s decision involving politics, personal safety, or excreta. They also can enlighten citizens about events that they might have an emotional attachment to. For example, when the September 11th terrorist attacks occurred there was a lot of things at stake. People wanted to know what was happening because some of them had friends and family members who lived in New York or were employed with the law enforcement agencies. There were others who saw this incident and wanted to know the Five W’s (Who is it about? What happened? Where did it take place? When did it take place? Why did it happen? How did it happen?) It was very important that news stations gave the viewers the correct info.
If journalists are not presenting clear information to the public, people cannot make good decisions. The reporter and possible the news station could also loose credibility in the public’s eye. Good communicators want to be clear in delivering their message to the receiver. With journalism, you have a greater number of people receiving the message and basically no opportunities to correct any mistakes you make. A reporter needs to be clear on the first take.

Journalists also need to keep the audiences attention in a story. As Cupp states in his article, “Journalists are looking for ways to take advantage of these new technologies and develop powerful new forms of storytelling and information sharing.” People want to be entertained and moved emotionally. If the news were just about the facts, people would most likely tune out because it’s delivered not a way they can relate to. In everyday conversations, people don’t typically interact with one another be formally giving just facts. They do it many different rhetorical forms like through the use of narrations. News reporting has to be the same way. Reporters have to be conversational and compelling to keep the audience. With newscasts, they have many aspects to take advantage of accomplish this goal.

Now that we have looked at the importance of newscast, let’s take a look at ways to ensure clarity and attention will occur in a news video or broadcast news. There are three aspects in broadcast news that a reporter can use: through writing, audio, and video.

Initially, the Broadcast News Handbook mentioned a university professor who once noted that a student told him she decided to study broadcast journalism rather than print journalism because she didn’t like to write that much. However, writing is an essential element to broadcast journalism. Good news writing is language crafted for an audience and driven to engage, inform them, leaving them feeling like they have been at the event themselves. There are many methods in writing that a report needs to consider when making sure their story is clear and engaging. As previously stated, reporters only get one opportunity to make themselves understood. Unlike print journalism, journalists have to write...

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