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British Oltical View Through The Westminster Alice (Parody Of Alice In Wonderland)

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The British Political Reflection through The Westminster Alice by Saki, The Parody of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland
Lecturer: Dr. Novita Dewi, M.S., M.A (Hons)

Miranda A. R Siregar
Student Number: 136332007

The British Political Reflection through The Westminster Alice by Saki, The Parody of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland

I. Introduction
Alice and the adventure in wonderland and Alice through the looking glass are the master pieces of literary work by Lewis Carroll. The characters in the story, particularly Alice herself become such an ...view middle of the document...

Joseph Chamberlain is the Queen of Hearts, the Red Queen, and the Mad Hatter; Arthur Balfour is the White Queen and the March Hare; Robert Cecil is the King of Hearts and the Dormouse; Archbishop of Canterbury Frederick Temple is the Duchess; and Redver Buller is Humpty Dumpty.
The Westminster system is a democratic parliamentary system or Government model after the politics of the United Kingdom. The Characteristics of the Westminster system are: The head of state is the nominal or legal and constitutional holder of executive power, and holds numerous power, but the daily duties mainly consist of performing ceremonial functions. For instance Queen Elizabeth II, the Governor general in independent commonwealth countries; Head of Government , known as prime minister, appointed by the head of state and must be supported by the majority of elected members of parliament. If more than half of elected parliamentary belong to the same political party, then the person appointed is typically the head of that party; De facto executive branch, is made up of members of the legislature with the senior members of the executive in a cabinet led by head of government; Civil Service, they are permanent and can expect merit-based selection processes and continuity of employment when government change. The Westminster Alice is actually the Multi-Party system; A lower house, The Westminster system enables a government to be defeated, or forced into a general election, independently of a new government being chosen; A parliament which can be dissolved and election called at any time; Parliamentary privilege, which allows the legislature to discuss any issue deemed by itself to be relevant, without fear consequences stemming from defamatory statements of record thereof.
II. Body
The criticism of the Westminster system, the cabinet does not have independency to disagree with the government policy, even for a productive reason. A cabinet may be forced to resign for opposing one aspect of government. The Westminster government does not have a very strong tradition of separation of powers. Here are the chapters of the Westminster Alice that reflects the criteria of the Westminster Alice:
Chapter 1: Alice in the Downing Street
From the first chapter, Alice in Downing street, the scene where Alice meer chesire cat, and the chesire cat ask about wether alice have seen an ineptitude or not. Then Chesire cat pointed the Guillemot with human head. When Alice asked politely the guillemot “ can you tell me what are you doing here?”, the ineptitude shook his its head and said “ I haven’t an idea”. Thena they talking about the unravel game , gutta-perch ball. The cat said that “the unravelling got so tangled that no one could follow it. Its theory is”. In this story emphasise that the one that can follow the rules are just the King and Queen, where The king is only made of pasteboard with sharp edges, and the Queen comes from another pack, made of Brummagem...

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