British Government Essay

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Activity: True or False?

1) The British Constitution is not contained in a single legal document. ………
2) The supremacy of Parliament implies that there can be legal opposit-ion
to it. ……….
3) One constitutional safeguard is the separation of powers. ……….
4) The Queen has lost the support of the entire British population. ………..
5) The title to the throne passes to the male line of the family in ...view middle of the document...

7) The Queen’s role as an element of the legislative authority is
only formal. ………
8) “Constituency” is the name given to each one of 650 electoral districts. ………
9) “MP” is the abbreviation for “Prime Minister”. ………..
10) A by-election is held when, for instance, an MP resigns. ………..
11) Leaders of the Government or of the Opposition sit on the back
benches. ,,,,,,,,,,,
12) Party members usually pass bills put before them by their party. ………
13) The Lord Chancellor presides over the House of Commons. …………
14) Citizen in Great Britain elect members to the House of Lords. …………
15) Members of the high clergy sit in the House of Lords. ………….
16) The House of Lords can delay a Bill from becoming law for 12 months. ………..
17) The Prime Minister is the leader of the party that obtains a majority of seats in a by-election. ………
18) When a Cabinet Minister disagrees with a Government decision, he/she must resign. ………..
19) The Shadow Cabinet is a group of relevant members of the main opposition party. …………
20) The Government has no powers to make war, declare peace, for example, unless Parliament agrees. ……….

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