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British Airways Corporate Strategy Essay

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RUNNING HEАD: BRITISH AIRWAYS CORPORATE STRATEGYBritish Airways Corporate Strategy[Name of institution][Name of writer]Table of Content4Introduction 5Discussion 6History 6Corporate Strategy 6British Airways' strategy for the next three years 8PEST Analysis 8 Political environment 9 Economic environment 10 Social Environment 11 Technological Environment 12SWOT Analysis 12 Strengths 12 Weaknesses 12 Opportunities 13 Threats 14British Airways Keeps Involved And Keeps Involving 14 Brand Promotion 15 Customer Is King 15 Loyalty Program 16Competition 17Porters Five Forces Model ...view middle of the document...

They also discussed the environment in which works with British Airways PEST analysis. In this section, we emphasized political, economic, social and technological environment, positive and negative areas that should be carefully considered before starting and operating companies chosen in this case, the airline industry. The correct position of the company in the market, each company must identify its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, otherwise known as the SWOT analysis. That is why we applied the SWOT analysis of British Airways to locate correctly in the market for the aviation industry.In our report, we investigated how British Airways is to promote and constantly remind consumers of their services, the section entitled "British Airways maintains and supports the participation of stakeholders." Including sponsorship, "Customer is king "and the company that provides loyalty programs. Like all businesses, there is competition; we examined how British Airways has used Porter Five Forces model to determine their generic competitors. The survey also shows the image of the company. This part allows us to analyze the performance of British Airways in recent years, its profits and losses. After research needs, we were able to identify problems and British Airways to add to our recommendations for the company and to draw conclusions about their performance. As a group, we decided to create for the more realistic of the attractiveness and affordability of the British Airways brand, it's the people. Key points of the issue contained in document conclusions.DiscussionIn order to examine in depth of British Airways and to provide a clear and detailed analysis on their performance in the airline industry, we will use different methods of investigation. Our research is composed of Internet sources. However, in order to build a good report will focus on using information obtained from customers of British Airways and its Annual Report 2006 -2008. We have also decided to use a form of primary research to help us identify a general public opinion about the company. It will be delivered by our own questionnaires ( Airways has a long history of a combination of the first airlines in 1919, just formed in 1924 to Imperial Airways. In 1939, the Imperial name was changed to overseas British Airways Corporation (Boac) due to the expansion of the British Empire. In the same period, British Airways Limited were nationalized and Imperial Airways. The name Boac lasted until the seventies, when it was changed to British Airways. In 1987, British Airways was privatized in the stock market. Today, British Airways is the largest airline and flag of the United Kingdom and one of the largest in Europe ( StrategyBritish Airways to cooperate initial strategy was to be diversified globally, with the goal of becoming the undisputed leader in world travel for the next millennium. However, the...

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