British Airways Case Study

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British Airways Case Study
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Table of Contents
Abstract iii
Introduction 1
1.1 HR strategies for an organisation 1
1.2 Assessment of HR strategies and its application 1
British Airways HR strategies 2
2.1 Contemporary issues affecting SHRM 4
2.2 Analysis of contemporary issues affecting SHRM 5
Impact of the merger on SHRM at British Airways 5
Conclusion 6
References 7

This report is based on the employee relations at British Airways (BA). It includes four main HR strategies which are applicable to British Airways for resolving employee relation issue. Moreover, other HR strategies are also highlighted which ...view middle of the document...

1.2 Assessment of HR strategies and its application
Employers in HR department assess actions of employees in a leadership style just as a leader looks at the action of his followers, HR department evaluates performance and gives feedback for improvement or training just as a leader guides his followers, and HR department counsels with employees and negotiates with them for solving their work or life issues in a leader style just as leader interact with his followers (Shamir, 2010, p.110). Researchers have concluded that non- monetary compensations are as important as monetary (Fogleman et al., 1999, p.15). It is important for the employees to have this sense of belonging and feeling that they are important, and their employers consider them a part of their success so that they can work for the organization with more passion and commitment. In modern age job seekers pay high attention to the fact that what non monetary compensation they are being offered. However, a good equilibrium between monetary and non monetary compensation is very necessary (Rynes & Gerhart, 2000, p.180).
British Airways HR strategies
Training and development
Learning and development is a HR strategy that creates a flexible environment by making employees learned and developing their behaviour for creating a trust-based relationship with their employers. It involves training. Training provides education to the employees and arranges various activities which strengthen a bond between employees and employers. British Airways incorporated different programs in its structures. The whole culture was changed by the top authorities of British Airways. British Airways invested in training for increasing the commitment level of employees. Managers at British Airways became responsible for controlling the actions of employees, rather than executing any strategies (Colling, 1995, p.21). The first program of training in British Airways was introduced by the CEO of the British Airways, Colin Marshall. This program was named as “putting people first”. This training program was to restructure the behaviour of employees. This course of training was joined by 40,000 employees. This program was incorporated at all managerial levels. The main objective of training program was to modify the behaviour of employees (Korczynski, 2001, p.85). “Putting people first” designs the behaviour of employees and makes them responsive to meet the needs and demands of customer (Salzmann et al., 2005, p.29). British Airways program designs the employee’s attitude in the way just as it designs the seat and the flight entertainment programs etc. for encouraging employees for better commitment and improved quality, awards were given to employees for brainwave employee and excellence award. This program secured the jobs of the employees by increasing commitment.
It is another HR strategy which should be adopted by BA. Rewarding is giving cash and non-cash benefits to the...

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