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Bringing Sports Overseas Essay

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Bringing Sports Overseas

There are many cultural factors that U.S. sport team franchises must overcome to increase popularity overseas. Although the American culture primarily focuses on cuisine, religion, and festivals, sports are still a huge part of the average Americans everyday life. Sports are a big part of the American culture. With football being one of our biggest sports past times, it would interesting to see other countries adopt the game and witness a football world championship. Our biggest sport past times are football, basketball and baseball. Football is very unique to America but isn’t so popular overseas. Although football is similar to rugby, which is admired in ...view middle of the document...

S. sport teams into international play, some other countries would not appreciate the game or even care about.
Franchises can assure their products are appropriate for international markets by researching the different cultures of the countries they are trying to introduce the sport to. The American sport franchise would need to conduct a series of market testing to gather the appropriate information about specific countries and how they feel about new sports being introduced. These observations can include a series of survey question which can be compared the sports styles Americans enjoy versus the sports that other countries prefer. Conducting research about your target audience is the only way to get them to actually care about the franchise. In Europe where soccer reigns supreme, we would need to find out exactly what Europeans like so much about soccer and how could we get them to invest into an American sport. One way to do this is introduce new international teams. In the same way that the world cup brings soccer to the mainstream around the world and even being very popular in America, we could do the same thing with football across seas. If there were international teams that played for their country every few years than it would bring that American sport to the forefront of the sports world around the world.
To protect local franchises, the government should...

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