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Bringing It Altogether Essay

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1) Distinguish the marketing approach that a health care marketer would take to handle products and services to a marketer of consumer goods.
An approach to marketing is important to know and analyze the different views that marketers have about the future. This vision of the future will strongly condition the entire strategic planning of marketing for healthcare. In order to continue to thrive, companies must acquire and keep customers. As a result, marketing and sales has become an area of increasing focus for companies of all sizes. Marketers create an effective marketing strategy is based on a five-step process: 1: Understanding the market climate and marketing strengths and ...view middle of the document...

The recent political and cultural climate has allowed healthcare to take center stage. And that holds many opportunities and promises. Today healthcare marketers have more technologies and resources to engage with consumers than ever before—think digital, mobile, social and beyond. Practically every consumer walks around with a computer (Smartphone) in their pocket and stays always connected via internet, social media networks, text and email. The opportunities are almost limitless for marketers to connect and engage with consumers. Healthcare is personal. Consumers want to feel that marketers understand that and personalize things for them – no cookie cutter communications. Today’s technologies allow us to mine consumer information and data like never before, giving us a personal and intimate picture of what they want. The better your data, the more you can tailor and personalize your marketing efforts for success.
The marketing approach of consumer goods is a little different. The companies had seen the need to move to go consumer-oriented, marketing activities were developed solely to advertise a product, generate some sales, and build market shares, regardless whether such marketing activities formulated cater to what the consumers really need or not. Since the challenge to do everything for the favor of the consumers, all marketing strategies that are implemented are guided by the lone goal of selling several pieces of merchandise purely for the sake of the business. Consumer-oriented marketing also requires businesses to check the pricing of their product or service, whether or not it is fitting to their general consumers. Doing so prevents businesses to overprice or under price the commodity they are offering, while giving the best value to the patronizing public. But most importantly, the need to develop consumer-oriented marketing strategies causes businesses to specifically pinpoint the very people who need use, and buy their product directly. And once they have a good idea as to who the main market movers of their products or service are, they can start to assess their exact needs, aspirations, and wants.
2) Conduct research on the health care climate in your state and articulate how each of the pricing objectives impacts the health care system in your state.
There will be fewer, bigger health insurance players in Ohio after this year thanks to a series of achievements. But how will these deals will affect cost and competition? This year saw more industry consolidation as health insurers realign to meet growing business in Medicaid, the federal-state health insurance program for the poor and disabled, and Medicare, the federal health benefit program for seniors. "I don't think down the road any consumer is going to be well served by having four, five or six very large for-profit health insurance companies serving the country and I don't think anybody really wants to see that happen," said Pamela Morris, president and chief...

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