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Briefly Explain The Role Of Autonomy In Kantian Ethics. Then Argue Either That Kant Is Correct Or Incorrect In Claiming That Morality Requires Autonomy

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Autonomy provides self-identification and placement in a person culture. Immanuel Kant believes that autonomy plays a big role in making ethical decisions. I believe that is correct and this is because morals vary from culture to culture and universalizability does not exist. Morals are supposed to bring good but there are circumstances where a moral action might bring damage. Due to this premise I feel as though it is not always right to do the duty that is expected. I also believe that if a duty is imposed on us, the fulfillment of that duty will not make us any more ethical.
To explain my universalizability statement, Immanuel Kant believes that acting immorally is unreasonable because ...view middle of the document...

Kant proved the relationship of morality and rationality in his Argument for the Irrationality of Immorality. Also referring back to the quote about categorical imperatives, it displays that our morality does not depend on our desires, because if it did people would avoid their moral duty to do what they want or enjoy. This point is important because it shows that acting out of our desires would be immoral and therefore irrational because in order to be a moral act, it would have to require the action to have a good reason by all people.
My stance on Kant’s thinking is two-sided, in the thought that I agree with him on most of his thoughts and philosophical knowledge but also I disagree with him on some of his ideas. I agree with about all of Kant’s ideas, except that the morality of an action depends on it to be universalizable. I can see where Kant gets his idea, but a believe that many rational actions that can fulfill our moral duty cannot be universalizable because of the difference of cultures in the world. I believe as Kant said that morality relies on the intentions of the actions, but what if your good intentions cause you harm? Martin Luther King Jr died with good intentions and although he had good intentions, his killer was opposed to what MLK stood for as well as a good portion of people back then. There were other people who also disagreed with his methods such as Malcom X, but just because some culture or group of people may not agree with your actions, should that stop you from doing them? I believe it should not stop you from acting out in what you believe is morally right only because it is not accepted in other places or even in your culture. Kant would disagree on this point and say those acts are irrationally...

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