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According to the United Nations definition, the following ten countries were classified as Eastern Europe: Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, and Ukraine.

Starting from dissolution of Soviet Union, these countries went through political and economic movements which cause changes in international business, trade and investment. 

The Breakup of Yugoslavia and The Dissolution of Czechoslovakia in the early 1990s had shown two different types of political upheavals and conflicts: the situation in Yugoslavia led to the civil war and to the ...view middle of the document...

Nonetheless, the economic stagnation was probably the primary cause of the collapse of the regimes.

Some evidence indicates that widespread criticism of the economic system was usual because of the lack of incentives or of work-discipline. It may be argued, of course, that citizens were too afraid to express systemic opposition.

Nowadays, we have witnessed political movements in Ukraine. Yanukovych's surprise November 2013 reversal on a pro-EU trade deal and a tension towards Russian influence brought thousands to the streets in protest. Starting as a mass demonstration without government attention and application of measures, agitation gained momentum and turned into mass strikes and riots. Ukraine as a part of Eastern Europe influenced the development

After five years of intense negotiations, Ukraine and the European Union are on the verge of taking their relations to a new level.

In March 2012, Kiev and the EU initialed an elaborate association agreement providing for close political cooperation, as well as a deep and comprehensive free-trade area. Now, Kiev is merely a small step away from the treaty’s signing, which is scheduled to take place at the November 2013 Eastern Partnership summit in Vilnius. The agreement would, if confirmed, be the largest international pact that Ukraine has ever concluded. This exceptionally large accord—its 906-page main text is now freely available on the websites of the Kiev Post and Kiev Weekly—would also be the biggest contract that the EU has ever entered into with a nonmember state.

Should it be signed, ratified and implemented, the agreement would largely integrate Ukraine into the EU market, as well as politically bind Kiev to Brussels. It is more than an ordinary treaty: The Association Agreement constitutes a detailed plan for a deep restructuring—or “Europeanization”—of the Ukrainian economy, society and state. Once fully realized, it would put Ukraine’s relations to the EU on an entirely different footing.

Moreover, the new reality the agreement would eventually create will make it difficult, if not impossible, for Brussels to continue withholding an explicit EU membership prospect for Ukraine. Today, the Union is purposefully avoiding discussions of a possible future entry of Ukraine, and keeps repeating that, for European countries like Ukraine, “the door is neither open nor closed.”

Yet Brussels will hardly be able to carry on with this vague stance once major provisions of the agreement have been fulfilled. At that stage, Ukraine’s economy will be already part and parcel of the EU economy, and her legislation partially adapted to EU standards. Once all aspects of the new association take full force, it will become illegitimate for Brussels, to further postpone the start of accession negotiations. Article 49 of the Treaty on European Union states that “any European state which respects the principles [of the...

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