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Brick Opening Essay

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Brick opening

The film Brick was released in 2005 and was directed by Rian Johnson. The opening of film Brick uses a variety of film techniques which makes the scene very captivating. In this essay I will be focusing on two major aspects of the film that I feel is the most effective which are the range of camera angles and a broad range of sound effects used in the scenes. These features are very important as they convey deep meanings in the film therefore provoking certain responses from the audience.

The Non-diagetic sound of the eerie music played at the beginning of the already sets a dark mood to the film as a result of the high pitched ‘bells’ that are played repetitively in a ...view middle of the document...

This is an intriguing shot as it fully shows the body crouched down facing his girlfriend which the audience can interpret as him being distressed at the sight of her body displayed in figure 3.

Figure 3

The audience at this point of the film are not be exactly sympathetic towards the any of the characters but rather intrigued and interested in finding out how this incident may have taken place. Furthermore, the tunnel in the shot is made to look extremely dark which is done intentionally to intensify the scene making the shot more frightening and alarming. Therefore, this shot overall gives a great deal of information about the relationship between the boyfriend and the girlfriend by his crouching showing that he is deeply affected by this as he is shocked and heartbroken.

The scene also uses a match cut between the boyfriend and the different parts of the body of the girlfriend. The shot shows the boyfriend intensely staring at the girlfriend. This shot has a deep contrast in lighting as the right side of his face is almost fully blacked out.

Figure 4

Therefore, this creates a more mysterious atmosphere as the area looks more terrifying and as a result it distresses the audience as they feel as if they are in the darkened area along with him. On the other hand, there is a light that falls on the left side of his body and on his hands which are clenched together. The light brightens the background even though the area is bleak and gloomy as shown in figure 4. Therefore, the light falling on a dark area represents how there might be hope in a terrible situation. Consequently, the audience feel optimistic as it may be possible for the character to feel better at some point in the future.

The following frame shows a mid close-up of the legs near the water sewage. The shoes have mud and dirt along with the legs stained with mud shown in figure 5.

Figure 5

This can therefore show that the girl may have had a rough death as the mud is spread across the legs. This mis close-up further interests the audience as they feel eager to know how she could have gotten that dirty in the first place.

The returning shot of the boyfriend adds to creates tension to the scene as it intensifies the stare of the boyfriend and is slightly zoomed in from the previous shot. Moreover, it is showing what the boyfriend may exactly be looking at reflected in figure 6.

Figure 6

The close up the ...

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