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Brick Lane Essay

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Brick Lane
Immigration is the action of coming to live permanently in a foreign country, and this process is very difficult and challenging due to a lot of different reasons. One of the most essential and important elements on how to immigrate in a foreign country is to know its language. This is a decisive advantage, because good communication with your fellow citizens results in better job opportunities, social life and integration. This can be seen in the book and the movie “Brick Lane”, where we are introduced to the Bangladeshi mother and wife Nazneen.
The main character of “Brick Lane” is Nazneen, who moves to London as an 18-year-old, when she gets married to the highly educated ...view middle of the document...

It does not only make her feel insecure and confused but most importantly it paralyses her activeness in the English society. Concurrently with her improvements in English her activeness in the society increases and we see that in the film where she as an example is capable of shopping by herself.
A ground-breaking change for Nazneen is getting a job because women do not work in the Bangladeshi culture. The Bangladeshi culture’s point of view on women limits Nazneen’s personal development and this can be seen in the movie when she quotes her mother who said the following: “If Allah wanted us to ask questions, he would have made us men”. The quote also underlines that Nazneen was raised to believe that there is a difference between women and men’s abilities and that men are superior. She was raised to follow the cultural directions but as she develops in London things change and the English culture begins to affect her.
Living in London makes Nazneen miss her home, life and family in Bangladesh and this is the reason why she becomes a sewing machinist. She wants to earn money for a journey to Bangladesh to visit her beloved sister Hasina. Hasina is mentioned a lot in the movie and the book and perhaps it is because she is a symbol of home. Nazneen’s longing for visiting Hasina symbolizes her longing for coming home and Hasina is also Nazneen’s only connection to Bangladesh. Even though Nazneen misses home, she integrates more and more in the English society. For example she has an affair with Karim which shows her courageous and rebellious side because she secedes from her culture. During the affair Chanu decides to move to Bangladesh because of the 9/11-attack on the World Trade Center and Nazneen breaks up with Karim. She has talked about going home and visiting Hasina for so many years but suddenly she does not want to move when she gets the opportunity. At first she does not tell Chanu her honest opinion about moving to Bangladesh but finally for the first time in their marriage Nazneen breaks out of her shell and she shares her thoughts with him. The reason why she wants to stay in England is that she feels integrated in the society and England has become a part of her. In her letter to Hasina she writes that she is torn between two worlds and these worlds are Bangladesh and England. Her conclusion sounds...

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