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In my future I see myself as a respiratory therapist. Breathing is very beneficial to life, and I want to assist people further who have problems with their respiratory system with that. Ever since I was a child, I always had the idea of going into a career in healthcare, but I never knew exactly which path to take since there are so many options. When I was younger I had sick grandparents who all needed in home care from hospice, I always stayed by their bedside to help them and to try and comfort them during that hard time, I was very brave and calm for how heart breaking it was to witness at such a young age.
As I got older, I still had the vision of doing something in healthcare, I ...view middle of the document...

Compared to nursing assistants and nurses, your typical day is always the same, and you always are doing the same thing which over time gets boring. I like to do different things and see different things, everyday!
In health care you need a lot of patience, dedication and a good bed side manner, And, I believe I have all of those; I am very kind, caring and compassionate during the appropriate times. With, working in customer service for several months, has really helped me listen and communicate better with others, and hear what they have to say, I have really came out of my “bubble”, after working at this job for awhile. When at a patient’s bed side, I would be able to talk them with no problem at all, and explain thoroughly everything that is wrong. You really have to listen to the patient when they are talking, sometimes all they need is someone to talk too, and need someone to appreciate that silence is really golden.
I have seen my dad fall off a ladder, 3 stories up trying to put in storm windows, I stayed with my grandparents while they were dying, but mostly I am a burn victim and that was pretty traumatizing for me and was a long and rough recovery for me, I have wanted to be so many different things while I was growing up ranging from a vet tech, to an FBI agent, dental assistant, and even a psychologist. But I feel that being a respiratory therapist is the best choice for me, because it isn’t one of those highly dangerous jobs like such as an FBI agent. It also comes with a lot of good benefits; such as insurance, paid time off, excellent salary and it’s also a very reliable job and something that will always be in demand. It’s everything I need I need and more to support myself and family. I felt healthcare was the thing for me, having so much history and a big background with it. It is the one thing that has held my interest for so long, and I want to follow my dreams. The demand for respiratory therapists is up 19% and that ranges from 2012- all the way into 2022, they make an annual salary of 55,870 per year. That is a salary I could live with for the rest of my life and know I could be set on taking care of my family and not have to worry about losing my job or not being able to pay for bills, or any other expenses. I know that having my license to practice as a RT, is something I look forward to because I know it has a lot of good benefits. But mostly I like that I could go anywhere with this degree. I would like to go to a bigger city, like Madison, Milwaukee or even in the suburbs of Chicago, to work where there are more job opportunities to offer.
As I continued my research, I found working as a RT has other opportunities out there. You can work in a hospital setting, clinic, nursing home, cath lab, the sleep apnea lab, home health, anesthesiology; the possibilities are endless of where you could take this career further down the road. What interested me the most was, mostly the...

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