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Breast Milk V. Formula Milk Essay

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Before the early twentieth century, the only choices that were available for women with young children that were breastfeeding was to either breastfeed their infants themselves or to be able to look for a wet nurse that would feed their little children. However, in the early 1920s there was an introduction of another option which was infant formula was a manufactured alternative to the originally known breast milk. There were mixed opinions about the introduction of the breast milk depending on their views and society some it was seen as an option that was lifesaving and to others it was seen as a modern way of child feeding some even ...view middle of the document...

Breast milk is the better option for the breastfeeding of infants because of the nutritional components that it contains as well as non-nutritive bio factors that are contained in the breast milk. These two components are very vital for the infant’s healthy development as well as promoting survival among the infants.
In the author’s text, he has reviewed all the important components that are present in breast milk that are key for the baby development. Some of the factors mentioned in the text include various bioactive factors such as different cells, anti-inflammatory agents anti infectious agents that protect the infant. Breast milk as well contains prebiotics as well as growth factors. This can hardly be found in infant milk which is usually standardized over a very narrow range during its composition. Human milk is seen as dynamic since it varies among different mothers, feeding as well as within the locations.
The different factors that can influence what the breast milk will be composed of include maternal factors as well as environment factors .the feeding of different infants on different breast milk differs since the composition varies from one mother to another. This cannot be the case with formula milk since it cannot fully integrate all the components that exist in the breast lacks some of the components or even might be highly concentrated on chemicals which will not help in the healthy development of the child.
According to the author, breast milk is the only option that can ensure that the infant is fully developed as well is able to grow in the best way possible and survive. This is a biased view since there are many infants that have not had the opportunity to be breast fed due to various reasons such as the passing of the taking the formula milk, they were able to fully develop and even in some cases, they are more healthy that the infants that were brought up through breast milk. Although breast milk is the better option, the author should as well recognize the positivity of using formula cases in cases where the mother is nit in a position to breastfeed their young ones.
Dixley, A. (2014) describes the changes that have taken place for mother’s breastfeeding their babies to mothers that use formula milk to feed their babies. Majority of the mothers have the knowledge on the importance of breastfeeding their babies but still I ahead and feed their babies on formula milk as early as three months. Because of this reasons, the society has greatly judged them and views them as irresponsible people who have lost touch with the biological nature of breastfeeding. The author gives further in explaining the main reasons as to why the mothers choose formula milk over breast milk. The author is trying to explain more...

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