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Breast Cancer Threat Essay

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Defining the Methyl-Specific Recognition of BRCT Domain Proteins
An important tumor suppressor for preventing carcinogenic mutations with direct roles in DNA repair and transcriptional regulation is a gene known as Breast cancer gene 1(BRCA). These genes have several domains. These domains have important roles in tumor suppression as several pathogenic mutations have been mapped to BRCA1’s C terminal (BRCT). However, there is an emerging paradigm that BRCT domains have binding sites capable of recognizing, additional post-translation modifications (PTM’s) methyl ADP-ribosylation. In understanding the basic mechanism of gene mutation it is important to first understand the details of the ...view middle of the document...

e. enzymes, ion channels, molecular also showed out role of mutation/ deletion in causing disease, complex formation, insights into the role of proteins as another importance also medical/commercial application i.e. traditional drug design, improve protein stability as a final benefit. In order to fully model the functioning of cell, require atomic level knowledge of the structure of every protein and how they interact with every protein
Project 1 included DNA repairosomes and the problem to be addresses was aggressive forms of breast cancer(BRCA1 deficient) rapidly develop resistance to current therapists. Different types of DNA damage cause different types of lesions, DNA double strand breaks (DSB) are most cytotoxic. When protein molecule is in a crystal, the crystal has two effects on the scattering of the x-rays – the scattering form the single protein molecule is amplified by the number of repeating units (unit cells) in the crystal. Only specific direction is observed in the diffraction pattern. The crystal and x-ray diffraction pattern shows that each spot is referred to as a reflection and is labeled...

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