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Breast Cancer In African American Women

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Breast Cancer in African American Women

HCA 430: Special Population
Jennine Kinsey

Daisha Smith
October 8, 2012

“Cancer is the second most common cause of death in the U.S. only exceed by heart disease and the number one killer of persons before the age of 75” (Turnock, B., 2007, p.28). Vulnerable populations can range from homeless, alcohol and substance abuses, or chronically or mentally ill and disabled that has a number of health-related issues. Cancer is a disease that most people do not think is a vulnerable population. Due to their lack of resources and access to health care, they are considered at high risk for poor lifestyle choices or behaviors that can lead to the ...view middle of the document...

The goal for cancer is to organize screening and educated every woman on the disease. This will improve health and aid in the reduction of cancer within the community.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention discover that African American women and men have a higher cancer risk than any other ethnicity. The census bureau reveals that 1,596.7 million African American with cancer and 44.6 million in Georgia (U.S. Census Bureau, 2011). The American Cancer Society (2012), more than 26,000 were diagnosed with breast cancer and cancer infection is 45 times higher in other women. In African American women, detection of the disease is not until after it has progressed into a larger state. African American women are more likely not to do a breast cancer screening. The risk of breast cancer has risen for women who are chronically ill, overweight, drink excessively, smoke tobacco, or have a STDs, and have a genetic history of cancer need to do the screening. According to the National Cancer Coalition (2011), “Social inequities and lack of access to insurance or health care can influence the risk of developing cancer by creating additional barriers to cancer screening because only about half of all African American women 50 and older have ever been tested for breast cancer”.
In Georgia, cancer costs in 2004 were approximately $4.6 million for direct medical costs, $406 million for indirect morbidity costs, and $ 2.5 billion for indirect mortality costs ( I never would have thought the cost of cancer was a big cost but the new cases and the death that follow. I would give my last dime to find a cure for cancer because about 15 years ago I lost my aunt to breast cancer.
There are several strategies to help us control breast cancer. One of the strategies is teaching women the prevention by educating them on making the right lifestyle changes and a If you are 40 or over a breast cancer screening and mammogram need to be done every 2 years. The American Cancer Society (2012), impress that “diets rich in dairy and animal fats add to the risk factors of uncontrollable weight gain, which can lead to obesity, lack of exercise”. Menopausal symptoms are another strategy that African American needs to manage. Most menopausal management is the use of hormone replacement therapy, which increases the risk of cancer incidence in African American women greatly.
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month all over the United States. When you look at breast cancer in African American women, there is a certain need to shorten the cause of breast cancer and diminish the late detection. “This will enable women to start early with breast cancer treatment if it is detected, thus increasing their survival rates” (Keller, Guilfoyle, & Sariego, 2011). In order to make sure everyone is a where of breast cancer; churches are doing free self-exams on all women over 40 to show how this works in the month of October.
The objective of the program...

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