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Breakfast Essay

954 words - 4 pages

11212Speech Practice Outline: Persuasive Speech

Name: Paulo Amio

Specific Purpose/Thesis: To inform my audience about:
- People skip breakfast way too often. I’m here to persuade the audience on why skipping breakfast is bad for your health.


I. Open with Impact (Visualization and imagery will be used to tell an impactful story using pathos/emotional appeal. Then state a fact/statistic immediately following the story to persuade the audience using logos/logic.)
- We’re getting to those last few weeks of the term; tests piling up and it seems we just have no time for anything but school.
Picture this: All weekend long you’re studying for that very important final ...view middle of the document...


I. Main point (Inoculation)
Misconceptions and excuses of skipping breakfast breakfast

Myth Fact

1. It’s not that important! 1. A good breakfast provides the nutrients to start your day right. It can help you stay awake and have the energy to get through the morning.

2. Might gain weight! 2. According to WebMD, they say that eating breakfast can actually can help you reach and maintain healthy weight. Can help control appetite and you’ll be eating food when you can best burn the calories

3. No time! 3. How long does it really take to eat a bowl of cereal. Make toast while you’re getting ready to head out and eat it on the way. Some breakfast is better than none.

Now that you’ve heard the misconceptions on skipping breakfast, I’ll be talking to you guys about how breakfast can correlate with your grade in class.

II. Main point (Graph)

Researchers conducted a study at a community college in Texas where they examined the link between eating breakfast and how it affects test scores.

A. The students who ate breakfast scored better on the test than those that didn’t. Now I’m not trying to say studying isn’t a big part of doing well in class, what I’m trying to say is that…

B. After waking up in the morning, the body needs a fresh supply of glucose - or blood sugar - which is the brain’s basic fuel. Without it our brain simply doesn’t work as well as it should. People have a harder time understanding new information, attention spans significantly drops and they just don’t remember things well.

C. So, bottom line. Eating breakfast can help you do better in school....

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