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Branded Social Media Television Concept Essay

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James Shanbrom

The Branded Social Television Network

IS 535 Managerial Applications of Information Technology

Michael Tomcho

August 11, 2010


Business organizations must grow and evolve their internal and external business models to not only survive, but also to succeed in an ever-changing competitive world ruled by technology. Cloud computing and other complementary assets have proliferated into the growth of social networking and have now become main stream. Businesses have embraced Social Media and have integrated Social Media into their information technologies hardware and software systems using the Cloud while sifting away from traditional IT ...view middle of the document...

2. Cloud applications should be branded with the look and feel of campus applications.
Most cloud providers allow some tailoring, ranging from appropriate placement of campus logos to adopting your color schemes and website style sheets. Local branding disguises the true host of an application and provides a seamless transition as users click through from local to external cloud services and back again.
3. Some degree of web services expertise will be needed within the IT support staff.
The complexity of the cloud application will drive the degree of extraction and sharing of data needed among local applications and those within a cloud. Integration with the campus can be as simple as building .csv extract files, or it might range from designing XML imports to coding sophisticated APIs.
By focusing efforts and talents to meet these three prerequisites, NJIT has moved beyond the more limited perspective that views cloud computing as web-enabled outsourcing. We have implemented multiple cloud-based services (see Figure 1) with the same financial and personnel resources that historically supported fewer solutions hosted on our site. The following sections explore specific examples of how NJIT has identified and embraced these six cloud viewpoints.

Figure 1. Six Views of the Cloud

Social Media has become and will continue to be the backbone and infrastructure of all business transacted locally and internationally - now and in the future. The next generation in Social Networking is the Branded Social Television Platform which is an integration of broadcast television; social networking, e-commerce plus multiple other applications and functions which can be used in a multitude of ways to assist businesses grow and become even more successful in today’s fast paced and networking world. The key to the next big platform will be seamless integrations between social and business activities and creating the environment that maximizes productivity in the workplace in a truly organic fashion currently not available in current offerings.

I. Definition

For more than the last three years, DeVry University has been using an Oracle database system with multiple servers - in multiple states - serving more than 90 campuses. This system collected incompatible data that was being reported to the home office or main campus centers. Not only was accounting and student data using this data, marketing campaigns and site budgets were being determined from this flawed information.
In order to move as a One University platform, DeVry University established many system-wide research projects and initiatives to change the culture into a wholesale level.
One such project was started to create a common language and terms nationwide.
Another project was created which was set to maintain the highest level of integrity on every level - by demanding compliance to a code of ethics internally and externally. All media,...

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