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Brand Vs Product Essay

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Brand Vs. Product

There are many definitions about a product, some says a product is merchandise, the commodities offered for sale, an artifact that has been created by someone or some process and a consequence of someone’s efforts of a particular set of circumstances. In marketing, it defines as a product of anything that can be offered to a market that might satisfy a want or need. It is not just a physical object but a complete bundle of benefits or satisfaction that buyers perceive when they will obtain if they purchase the product. It is the sum of all physical, psychological, symbolic and service attributes (Kum, Bergkvist, Lee & Leong, 2012).

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The people or consumers prefer to buy things for subjective reasons and not for objective reasons. The people are looking for the things that have status. They appreciate the branded products than the usual ones mainly because they had trust in it in making them comfortable and satisfied. It’s a guarantee for them if they chose to go with the branded.

However, a brand always start with a product that services a real need or want of a market and then be wrapped with a consistency of logical and emotional appeals. Products happen by accident because the manufacturers or suppliers of a particular product sees to it that their products was made for the consumers in order for them to fill their needs and wants and branded products must be designed or built because the manufacturers or suppliers of a particular product should have been made in order to fill the craving of the consumers who were following the new styles and trends (Sellani, 2007).

 A core product is the prime purpose of a product’s existence which might be expressed in terms of function or psychological benefits. It is a problem-solving service that a customer is really buying in receiving the product. Nowadays, branded products are very important to the success of a company’s future. Although, the quality of a product and value are important factors in a successful product still, the consumers prefer to buy branded products because they were basing on the popularity of images and logos on a certain product. Most of the companies today have a customer orientation or customer focus. It means that the company is focusing on the activities and products that a customer needs (Kum, Bergkvist, Lee & Leong, 2012).

There are two ways in doing this: first, the customers driven approach which indicates that the consumer wants are the reason of all strategic marketing decisions. The companies believe that every aspect of market offering includes the nature of the product itself and the starting point is always the consumer. Their decision revolves around the allocation of time, money and resources for new product launch. Branded products are the result of renewal of a certain product that needs to be renewed and improved.

Time changes and the needs and wants of the consumer is also stepping thus, product innovations should been made. Marketers and the companies as well, believe that by finding and creating the next big thing or the latest trend of a certain product will flicker the product’s revolution that will result to the increase of sales. In consumer research, a number of methods are used to determine the consumer’s preference for the functional possibilities of a product. It was found out that the people have subjective perceptions and preferences in choosing the right product. The companies considers the taste of the consumers value-based capacity because they know that it is the preference arising from them in order to make the distinctions...

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