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Brand Value Essay

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Bonnie Tran
23 October 2013
Bus 130 M/W 3-4:25
Take-home Assignment: Brands with Strong Brand Value
In my research of brands with strong brand value, I have found three that stand out: Disney, BMW, and Nike.
For decades Disney have built branded franchises across the many facets of family entertainment. Their brand continues to succeed in taking a core idea, developing it through film and television, and then extending the property into toys/merchandising, theme parks, DVDs, and video games.
They have gained even more popularity among gamers for its highly anticipated Disney Infinity video game platform that debuted two months ago with its Toy Story in Space Play Set. By ...view middle of the document...

As we all know, BMW produces high quality cars, but so does many other brands. However, BMW stands out because of their product differentiation strategy of high-end design along with strong brand values with innovative improvisation in their product. BMWs priced at such premium rates, they market their cars in a way which customers relate to their brand emotionally. Their cars are promoted as the ultimate driving machine, targeting consumers emotionally. BMW succeeds in uniquely selling the experience of owning the BMW brand rather than any car.
BMW’s brand associates consumers to relate to it emotionally. Buying one of their cars gives them the senses of the brand’s qualities: power, security, and overall efficiency. They focus on style, comfort, and performance. And although they are known for their premium prices, they have introduced models of all ranges to suit and include a wider customer range.
Until this day, Nike has remained the world’s leading innovator in sportswear, footwear, and sporting goods. This past year, their revenue has increased across every category and region, up 16% to $24.1 billion, the highest rate in 15 years.
They are a highly...

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