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Brand Report: Manly Council

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Brand Report
Manly Council
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Executive Summary
This report was commissioned to examine brand management theories and analyse them in regards to a particular case study: Manly Council.
Specifically, the research draws attention to Keller’s Brand equity model and the brand-positioning concept that identifies the points of parity and points of difference of a brand in relation to its competitors.
Manly council is located eight kilometers from Sydney’s Central Business District and has a population of approximately 40,000. The Council uses a wide variety of marketing strategies to create brand awareness, two of which will be discussed in ...view middle of the document...

Brand Positioning through marketing to distinct demographics
ii. Manly Council developing an online presence- Social Media

Critical Analysis 10-13
Recommendations 14
Conclusion 14
References 15-16

Brand Management allows businesses to develop a distinct brand image and reputation enhancing differentiation and positively influence buying behavior. Mudambi (2003) highlights the benefits of powerful brands through improving financial performance and creating a long-term competitive position.
Businesses should be consistently researching, analyzing and adapting their brand in order to enhance awareness and status and thus create a competitive advantage.
Numerous theories and concepts have been studied to assist businesses to evaluate and enhance brand management within their company. Within this report, two theories will be discussed in detail. Firstly, the paper introduces the Customer- Based Brand Equity (CBBE) model by Kevin Keller (1993; 2001; 2003) which analyses the strength of a companies brand through deciphering brand associations and their brand image and acknowledges the impact it has on consumer response.
The second concept introduces brand positioning and identifies a businesses similarities and differences to that of its competitors.
These theories and concepts will be applied to the brand Manly Council.
Manly council uses a variety of marketing strategies that enhance their brand reputation. Two of these strategies include positioning through marketing to distinct demographics and developing an online presence to encourage customer awareness, participation and enhance overall experiences.
This report aims to research the theoretical concepts against manly councils marketing strategies and evaluate ways to improve the overall brand image.

Theories and concepts
i. Keller’s Brand Equity Theory

The oxford dictionary (2014) defines brand equity as the commercial value that derives from consumer perception of the brand name of a particular product or service, rather than from the product or service itself.
Keller’s Brand Equity Theory looks at the psychology behind consumer behavior and perception in relation to a company’s brand. It focuses on shaping customers thoughts and feelings about the product being offered. A strong brand will deliver a connection with the customer creating a positive experience. When you have strong brand equity, your customers will buy more from you, they'll recommend you to other people, they're more loyal, and you're less likely to lose them to competitors. (Mindtools, 2014)
Keller (2003) introduced the Customer-Based Brand Equity (CBBE) model to assist companies in building a strong brand. According to the model (Keller, 2003), building a strong brand involves four steps, highlighting subconscious questions consumers make in relation to the brand:
1. Establishing the proper brand identity: Creating breadth and...

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