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Brand Positioning Essay

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Christoph Fuchs and Adamantios Diamantopoulos (1999)
Brand positioning, which refers to the act of designing the company’s offering and image to occupy a favorable and distinctive place in the mind of the target market, is a central success factor for the overall performance of a brand in the marketplace. Despite the importance of the positioning construct, existing methods aimed at measuring the soundness of brand positioning strategies are associated with several limitations. In an attempt to ...view middle of the document...

Overall, the proposed measure is easy to administer, enables the comparison of all types of positioning strategies and allows marketers to detect weaknesses and strengths with their current strategies. Areas for future research involving the measure’s application are also identified and discussed as are limitations of the measure.

Sally dibb,Lyndon Simian (1991)
Customers have unique requirements, aspiration and satisfaction level. Some customers, though, are similar they have common requirements for goods, services and ideas. If these customers needs can be clearly identified and those with similar needs grouped in quantities of sufficient sizes, market segment have been determined. Each customer group-or market segment-has specific expectations and retail marketers must develop retail brands and concepts which cater for needs of the segment target. Having decided on which segment (or segments) to target, retailers position their brands with an image with which the targeted customers identify. Market segmentation, targeting and positioning is a fundamental process in modern retail marketing strategy. The key decisions and the steps necessary for successful implementation are examined.

Authors:Dan horsky and paul nelsin (1992)

Due to the globalization of the economy, there has been great competition in the business sector. The basic human desire to challenge new limits and capture as much market as it is possible has given a new dimension to the concept of marketing - brand positioning. To position a brand requires making choices; whereas having a position means people will prefer a brand over another. A brand can be positioned in several ways: offering a specific benefit, targeting a specific segment, price or distribution. Despite the fact that positioning is considered by both academics and practitioners to be one of the key elements of modern marketing management, it is surprising to uncover general paucity of consumers/customers derived studies regarding brand positioning strategies.
This article analyzes the market position held by a competitive set of brands in the hair oil market through a comparison of cognitive and conative perceptions. Cognition will be identified by trailing a factor analytic adaptation of importance performance analysis. In turn, conation will be gauged by stated intent of the consumers to purchase the hair oil brands under study. The alignment of the results from these techniques will help in identifying the position of leadership held by a brand in the hair oil market. The marketers, in order to strategically place their brands in today’s competitive market, need to identify the attributes on which they need to focus and those of paramount importance for the consumers. This method of positioning analysis offers a practical means for...

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