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Brand Management Outline

650 words - 3 pages

* Group assignment (replaces a final exam)
* In two parts
* A 20-30 page report due last class, Dec 1st
* Double spaced (excluding exhibits and appendices)
* No late papers for this assignment
* Worth 30% of your grade
* A 45-50 minute presentation on Dec 1st
* Worth 20% of your grade
* Worth 50% of your class grade (in total)
What is a brand audit?
* Comprehensive examination of
* Brand health and activities
* Sources of Brand equity
* Current issues/opportunities with recommendations
* Includes an external, consumer-focused assessment
* Consumer Survey
* It includes:
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Research Plan for Appendix -
* Following components (about 1 page total)
* Assess the current situation
* Summarize what you are trying to do
* Hint: Much of this has been given to you… brand audit
* Clarify the symptoms
* What are you seeing? … be specific (hard data helps)
* Information Gap (what you know vs. need to)
* Research Objectives (critical questions)
* the… Who? What? Why? or the How?
* Research design – I don’t need.
* I have your actual survey

Critical Assumptions: NPP -
* Make me believe your Pro-forma for NPP!
* Specifically..
* How did you get at your revenue line and growth rates (for 10 years)
* CGS assumption
* Marketing expenses. I suggest you break it out beyond one line (maybe staff and programs)
* Other SG&A expenses and working capital
* Should be about 1 page in total

New Product Idea -
* As part of your Brand Audit, come up with a new product idea
* This new product could have the following benefits (some examples)
* New features (you see as missing)
* Targeting new consumers (or new markets)
* Better use of distributors or a new channel
* The goal will be to increase sales!
* Not just a repositioning (repositioning is part of your “Part A”...

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