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Brand Management Of West Jet Airlines

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According to a recent survey by SFP (Spencer Francey Peters), a North American branding agency and The Strategic Counsel, WestJet came in at number 3 in Canada's best managed brands, while Air Canada bottomed out in last place. "Respondents ranked companies based on a number of criteria relating to delivery of brand promise including consumer focus, customer service, brand values, reliability, consistency, value, trustworthiness and respect" (par3 Best Managed Brands). The interesting part of this survey, is that by having consumers respond to these criteria, the companies' brands are judged not by how much value the consumer sees in the product and service they are purchasing, and not just ...view middle of the document...

"'WestJetters,' as employees call themselves, wear the airline's values on lanyards at all times(sec4 par1 Inside Out). These values are:* We are positive and passionate about everything we do.* We take our jobs seriously, but not ourselves.* We embrace change and innovation.* We are friendly and caring toward our people and our customers, and we treat everyone with respect.* We provide our people with the training and tools they need to do their job.* We celebrate our success.* We personify the hardworking "can do" attitude.* We are honest, open and keep our commitments.* We are team WestJet.(sec4 par13 Inside Out)"When an employee encounters a situation where a colleague does something outside the values, they hold up the card and draw his or her attention to it.," says Siobhan Vinish, director of communications at WestJet in Calgary (sec4 par1 Inside Out). WestJet is one of the pioneers of this concept in Canada. They differentiate themselves from other companies, who may also have mission and vision statements, by setting values on which to live. "We recognize that people make the brand of a company, and the way they are everyday makes the company successful," says Vinish. "We've always known what we didn't want to be. And we've always known what we needed to do to be different. We discovered there are a set of values that define what a good Westjetter is, and it grew out of that" (sec4 par3 Inside Out).Vinish tells us that a majority of WestJet's promotion and advertising is done internally rather than externally, and then external campaigns are based on the prior internal promotion. A few of WestJet's branding activities that help maintain WestJet's marketing program are:Care Team: At WestJet, a team of employees called "Care" are only responsible for enabling managers to care for employees. For example, a manager can call the Care team to buy a card or a gift certificate. The team is also...

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