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Brand Management Essay

2303 words - 10 pages

BA(Hons) Marketing Management

Assignment 1
Student Name: TSANG TSZ SUM
Student Number: 52849122

Topic: Vitasoy International

Executive Summary Page 3
Company Background Page 3
Brand Extension Page 4-5
-Line Extension
-Category Extension
Marketing Mix Page 5-10
-The print ads
-The events of Vitasoy (celebration of 70 years developed)
Positioning & Competitors Page 11
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These two brands of products are now sold extensively in Hong Kong, mainland China, Singapore and other markets in the world. Besides that, Vitasoy International has included CALCI-PLUS, TSING SUM ZHAN, SAN SUI, which are also provided beverages. In 2001, Vitasoy selected as one of the “Top Ten Hong Kong Brand” by the Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong. In 2008 Vitasoy International purchased Unicurd of Singapore and became a large beverage industry in Asia. Therefore, Vitasoy is accepted that it occupies a leading position in beverage industry.

Brand Extension
-Line Extension
Vitasoy brand had two major existing brands which contain of numerous of products: Vitasoy, nutritious soy drink and tofu: Vita, arrange of teas, juice, wellness drinks, distilled water and dairy-milk products.
The Vitasoy International has used line extension the create a new market segment within the same product category, its different product categories all have different size and different favor, for example, Vitasoy early selling milk bottle wide mouth, and later changed to contain soda glass bottles. From Sweden for the first time in 1975 to the introduction of Tetra Pak, used aluminum foil packaging fresh equipment, added 250ml of paper packaging, and ultra-high-temperature sterilization, therefore, the products can be stored for many months. Then Vitasoy launched a 375ml packaging and small packaging of 125ml in 1984 and 1999, in order to facilitate young children which aged 1-6 years old drinking. Besides that, it sells 355 ml aluminum cans and 250ml iron canned.
The original soybean drink now has packed in soda glass, paper packaging in 125ml, 250ml, 375ml, and 750ml family size, aluminum cans in 355ml and 250 iron cans. Those different sizes of soy bean drink used to satisfy different wants of customers and provide a good container of the products that can be stored for many months. The 250ml and 374ml are provided for people who want to bring them out and buy from convince stores that can have it immediately when they want, and the 750ml size is a family size used to give convince to families that can used it at home and it is had an advantage that be good to the environment, that is reduce the waste of the containers, because all of the containers of Vitasoy products can be recycled. On the other hand, the soya drink has launched with different favor, like low sugar,

-Category Extension
On the other hand, Vitasoy had used the category extension at the same time. Since 1940, Vitasoy produced only nutritious soy drinks, then it develops few different categories later in 1976, Vita, the parent brand in a different product categories. The line Vita has launched series of products that is different from the original soya products. They included arrange of juice, distilled water, wellness drinks, teas, and dairy-milk products such as yogurt, ice-cream, etc. These are used to meet different wants of different customers, because consumers’...

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