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Brand Loyalty Among The People Of Pokhara

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1.1 Background
Although Nepal is known as an agriculture country, it is gradually shifting from agriculture to industrial sector for sustaining its economic life. Due to that industrial activities are gradually increasing in the country. As a result number of different types of industry has been significantly increased in the last few years.

Production is the prime activity of each and every industry and successful marketing of the product is the ultimate goal. Marketing can be defined as “Marketing is a social and managerial process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating, offering and exchanging products of value with others”
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In an era of cutthroat competition, successful marketing of products demand on understanding of consumer’s taste, preferences and loyalty. Following are the importance of study: -

I. The manufacturer or marketers of the Pokhara will be highly benefited by this study. They may use the finding of the study as the guideline for making marketing strategies for their products so they can achieve success.
II. The Study will help to know the consumer behavior on that product. Hence manufacturer can decide the advertisement policy, consumers response to price and consumer perception about product.
III. The Study can help in the segmented of market that means market can be segmented as loyal consumer market and non-loyal consumer market.
IV. The Study may give sellers or marketers protection from competition and helpful in planning marketing mix.
V. Similarly, the study would be valuable reference to the scholars or researchers who are interested in conducting further researches about "brand loyalty"

This study is therefore conducted mainly to measure the loyal consumers on branding. So this study focuses mainly on the brand and loyalty of consumers in Pokhara. For this purpose five different types of low involvement products have been selected. The product selected for the study and applications are described below: -

(a) Soap: very common product packed in plastic or paper packets, can be used at the time of bath
(b) Mineral Water: Mineral water bottles are sold in plastic bottle containers. Six seven years before people of Nepal perceived that it is used or consumed by rich people and tourist. But now this concept has changed. People start to know that value of mineral water. This is the reason for the increase in demand of this product in Nepal.
(c) Toothpaste: Most soft substance that is used for the purposed of lubrication.
(d) Shampoo: It contains liquid soap material and this is also used at the time of bath. Generally these materials are filled within the plastic bottle.
(e) Hair oil: It is material applied to hair for making it easy to fix.

The above – mentioned products selected for the present study, bear a common character that they are all low involvement products. Low involvement means (i) low financial risk (ii) low personal interest or (iii) low special risk (iv) low physical interest.

1.3 Statement of the Problem

Population is increasing and demands of the product are going up so that many industries are being established in Nepal. Before five or six years, there were very few industries and these industries were able to fulfill the demand of the customer but now various factors like development in transportation and communication and political understanding etc. have made the world narrower. Now people can order any kinds of goods without leaving comfort of their room. Television casting and Internet shopping have revolutionized the marketing and sales in more than just a few ways.

Today one can use any...

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