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Brand Loyalty Essay

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1. Which of these self-described brand-loyal informants would you consider to be the most loyal? Which is the least loyal? Rank the seven informants in terms of their brand loyalty.

1. Wendy
Wendy was a manager and she doesn’t take price into consideration. Still with this approach she always stick with dunkin donuts and not only this, she used to recommend the same to her friends. She was highly satisfies with the brand and had a collection of mugs and other things from the same brand. She had a view of long term relation with this brand and was not looking for a change.

2. Pamela
Her purchase history with Gevalia is 90% she is very satisfied with the service and also has good words ...view middle of the document...

She often uses words of mouth while she is with high community friends. It was found that she had a purchase history of 70%. As she believes brand a class. It is most likely to be changed with a change in environment or society that she lives in.

7. Tom
Tom is satisfied with the current brand. He has a huge group of friends where he is often found using good words for his brand. He has five children and live with a tight budget therefor he is highly price sensitive. He is most likely to switch brands with couponed promotion strategy.

2. If you were a coffee brand manager, which consumer would you want as a customer? Why? Convey consumer insight and identify ways to grow the customer-brand relationship.
Pamela would be my first choice. Pamela describes her coffee to be incredibly enjoyable, great and wonderful and has an exceptional attitude towards her coffee Gevalia. Pamela not only enjoys her coffe but also provides the advertisement to the company by adding more and more friends to Gevalia Club. She is so much loyal that she likes to buy new and other products from the same brand.
Wendy is my second choice She has...

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