Brand Loyality Essay

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Idrees Akbar, waheed Naseer, Shoaib Ahmed Amin , Abdul Muqtadir ,
Hafsa Zia, Urooj Shafique
Department of Management Sciences, the Islamia University of Bahawalpur Pakistan,

To be a leading company, it is a massive task to build brand loyalty. Brand is the only word that differentiates the goods and services from the other ones. Therefore the dominated companies spend a lot on the brand to make it unique in order to develop the brand loyalty. Brand loyalty can be created by the numerous ways and strategies but most convenient ones are how much you fulfill your promises ...view middle of the document...

It also shows the effect of variables on brand loyalty, four variables customer satisfaction, brand credibility service quality and brand switching to maintain a relationship with brand. It is the situation which shows that how a consumer eventually buy the products from the manufacturer in frequent way it may be same brand or alternative therefore brand loyalty can defined as repurchasing the products.Brand loyalty is a helpful for the prediction of future repurchase. If customer is satisfied with brand then he/she will buy it again and future purchase will increase because a satisfied customer will recommend others to purchase such brand compared to other rivals, because such brand is providing more satisfaction. Brand loyalty is the extent of the faithfulness of consumer to a specific brand, expressed through their repeatedly purchase, irrespective of the marketing efforts or pressure generated by the competing brand
There are numerous models to investigate about the behavior of people. The convenient one is described by Dick and Basu, 1994; Sheeran and Abraham, 2003). Experience is counted to be a way in order to make decision. The customer like its existing product but many companies has unsuccessful in understanding the market mix strategy. Therefore they not understand the power of existing customer. That’s why customer reliable to much or even unsatisfied these are the factor effecting the relationship of credibility and loyalty.Our studies have found positive relationships between these two variable Various study justify a positive relation among them theoretically or empirically but results were different when there is emotional aspect. Over the past decades, there has been a growing recognition among researchers and practitioners that a completed understanding of brand loyalty formation represents a source of global advantage. The marketing literature acknowledged the need to capture consumer perceptions at “the heart of a company’s most valuable customer group” (Genesh et al., 2000: 65).
Numeral studies have investigated the advantage of customer- focused brand loyalty and their potential to achieve super results (Oliver, 1999; Russell-Bennett et al., 2007). Theoretical its important to investigate the building blocks of brand loyalty. On the other hand the practical implementation helps out to enhance the experience of customer in term of brand loyalty.
This study particularly focuses on the importance of customer satisfaction with determinants on brand loyalty because the core objective of strategic marketing is the resultant of customer satisfaction(Jaworski and Kohli, 1991; Luo and Seyedian, 2003; Webb et al., 2000). The consumers reconsider the intentions and decision of purchase effected by the repurchasing power by the time being. In the 21st century Berry(2002) claims that branding is consider to be very much important while keeping the service marketing in mind now...

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