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1. Background:
In Bangladesh, people are sports loving and the popularity of football and cricket creates huge market for the sports brand. That is why brands like Adidas, Puma, Reebok, CA etc. brands are becoming prominent here. In case of Nike, BATA is the only authorized shop in Bangladesh. But due to its high brand image Nike can operate directly in this country and acquire market share. For this reason, we conducted this research to find out the possibilities of Nike in this country.
2. Objective:
To conduct this study we had these objectives on our mind to achieve:
-To identify the existing condition and competition in sports brand market
- To have knowledge about BATA store and ...view middle of the document...

The price ranges of these products are BDT 5,900 to 11, 900 for different designs.
Table1: Imported Nike products by BATA
Current Products |
S n | Picture | Article | Price | Name |
1 | | 821-6495 | 8,990 | Dual fusion |
2 | | 821-2495 | 8,990 | " |
3 | | 821-1476 | 6,990 | Nike Air |
4 | | 521-6495 | 6,990 | Nike Air |
5 | | 821-6479 | 7,490 | Nike Suketo |
6 | | 821-9494 | 10,990 | Nike Zoom I pod |
7 | | 821-2494 | 10,990 | " |
8 | | 821-6496 | 6,990 | Nike lifestyle |
9 | | 821-1496 | 6,990 | " |
10 | | 821-6480 | 7,490 | Nike Casual |
11 | | 821-1480 | 7,490 | " |
12 | | 821-1475 | 7,990 | Mercurial |
13 | | 821-7491 | 6,990 | Nike CTR 360 |
14 | | 821-2492 | 7,990 | Nike Full length Air |
15 | | 821-6473 | 7,490 | Nike Air |
16 | | 821-2470 | 5,990 | Nike Soccer |
17 | | 821-6477 | 6,990 | Nike Air |
18 | | 821-6478 | 6,990 | Nike Revolution |
19 | | 821-7422 | 6,490 | Nike Air |
20 | | 821-5422 | 6,490 | " |
21 | | 821-1417 | 7,990 | Nike Air |

5.2. Best and high selling design:
The below table represents best-selling models of Nike sold in BATA store.
Table 2: Best-selling models of Nike in BATA
Best-selling model |
Picture | Article | Price | Name |
| 821-1476 | 6,990 | Nike Air |
| 521-6495 | 6,990 | Nike Air |
| 821-6496 | 6,990 | Nike lifestyle |
| 821-2492 | 7,990 | Nike Full length Air |

Table 3: High demand model of Nike in BATA
The below table represents high demand model of Nike sold in BATA store.
High demand model |
Picture | Article | Price | Name |
| 821-1475 | 7,990 | Mercurial |

5.3. Demanded size:
The following table represents the sizes of shoes demanded by men and women in BATA for Nike.
Table 4: Gender wise high demand size of shoes of Nike in BATA
The high demand size of shoes |
Gender | Size |
Man | 7,8,9,10 |
Woman | 3,4,5 |

5.4. Product promotion:
BATA does not have any promotional activity for Nike products because they believe that they are the flagship store of Nike in Bangladesh. Generally they follow word-of-mouth or personal contact marketing for the promotion.

Fig 1: BATA product display
5.5. Target customer & age group:
Due to high price, BATA targets upper -upper trendy, young, sporty concentric people for Nike products. More specifically Nike products are bought by the age between 25 to 38 years and they targets BDT 5,990 to 9,990 price ranged products.
5.6. About Nike and its market situation:
BATA treats Nike as sports brand. They believe that Nike has very good brand image and without prior promotion, BATA is selling good volume of Nike products. But BATA has no interest on enlarging the Nike product range. It is also very significant that other brands like Adidas, Puma, Yonex etc. do not affect the sale of Nike products.
But in defining the market condition of Nike, Mr. ARBABUR RAHMAN; Operation Manager-BATA told us that Nike has very strong brand value and quality. But...

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