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Brand Element Essay

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Brand Elements
Ford already uses some brand elements like memorable which is, “How easily do consumers recall and recognize the brand element and when-at both purchase and consumption.” (Kotler, P., & Keller, K., 2012, p 250) When someone sees a blue cross they know it is a Ford emblem and when some sees that horse running they know it is the mustang emblem. The Ford Mustang is a very memorable car with very memorable because of commercials and getting their name and brand out to customers. Ford Mustang also has adaptability which is, “How adaptable and updateable is the brand element.” (Kotler, P., & Keller, K., 2012, p 250) Ford comes out with a new model every year and change something each time like the body style, engine, or interior. A lot is put into the engine over the past few years because of gas prices rising, so Ford ...view middle of the document...

Out of five stars the 2013 Ford Mustang scored four in Overall Rating, four in Frontal Crash, four in Side Crash, and five in Rollover.
In 2012 Ford created a new brand promise, “Go Further,” while keeping the older one, “Built Ford Tough”. Go Further is used more for cars while Built Ford Tough is geared towards trucks and SUVs. Go Further means that Fords cars will go further and last longer than their competitors. This new brand promise is great for cars because people want something that is going to last a long time. The Built Ford Tough brand promise is great for big trucks and SUVs because
“Marketing planning begins with formulating an offering to meet target customers’ needs or wants. The customer will judge the offering by three basic elements: product features and quality, services mix and quality, and price.” (Kotler, P., & Keller, K., 2012, p 325) Ford Mustang has prices and value that can compete with any other car maker. USNews ranks the 2013 Ford Mustang as the number four most valuable sports car. Some benefits of the Mustang is good gas mileage, great crash ratings, and great value.
“Ford uses strategic packaging to support their brand image by packaging parts and sending them to customer and consumers alike.” (Ford Packaging Systems, 2002) Even though when people think of Ford they may not think of packaging; they do package parts and promotions. Customers can order Ford Mustang parts from Ford or from a store that orders many parts from Ford. With those parts customer will receive promos or incentives to buy more parts.
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