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Brand Building Case Study

1182 words - 5 pages

Case Study 2
MGT 545
By: Vincenzo Marchese


Over the past three years I have been building a branding and developing
agency. The goal of my company is to help those who want to achieve a certain level of
success in fashion and entertainment. I started this company with one singer, who is
now signed to sony records. When beginning the journey of executed one’s dream
many times we are side tracked as was I. Over the years I have been able to build my
company, though it is still in the growth process I am working on perfecting my agency
so my Service stands out from the rest, and my execution is perfection. Both Chapter 4
on Cost Leadership, and Chapter 5 on ...view middle of the document...

I sat with her scared out of mind
(of course she had no idea) and put together a business plan, a brand building plan,
and an event schedule to promote her business. I also went over strategizes that would
benefit her and where she can cut costs, and have her service stand out from the rest.
By the third month of our six month contract her site was ready to sore. Setting up
events all over NYC, getting press coverage, along with any other media outlets was
overwhelming. By the end of the contract she renewed with me for another 6 months
which basically was the polishing up of her site, and in 2010 her site was bought over
by one of the nation’s top digital publishing companies, her siteis still up and running
and considered one of the top dating sites. In 2009 I stumbled upon a celebrity that
had been on a reality show on MTV Networks who wanted representation because she
was launching her DJ CAREER. a complete opposite direction then the dating site I
continued to “wing it “ I worked day and night thinking this could have been my shot to
really shine. In the lime light I was at a different event every single night of the week
networking, promoting my client, the end result, she wasn’t happy in NYC and I landed
a fulltime gig at MTV NETWORKS. 4 years later I stand her getting my masters, Director
of Production at a digital agency still working on my dream of owning a fully operating
branding and development agency.

Cost Leadership and Product Differentiation are vital to get my company up and
running. What is going to make me different? How can I do it cost effectively? What is
each client going to cost me? Who is worth investing in? etc. The ultimate goal her is
not to come off as a sleezy agent or talent manager trying to make it in the game. The
goal here is to start a company that can prep people and their product or service to be
pitched to big wigs, and ready for the public.

Standing out from the rest of these competitors is not the easiest. Being in a field
where people are so jaded from past failures I have to be prepare for the worst.
Everyone wants to be rich and everyone would love to be RICH and FAMOUS, for the
most part. But what...

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