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Brand Building Essay

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The concept of brand architecture is comparatively of very recent origin and there are not many books available that are devoted exclusively to this subject. This book makes an attempt to put together a set of articles and case studies so as to present to the reader a fairly comprehensive and systematic delineation on the subject.

This book has two sections. The first section – Concepts and Approaches – has seven articles. While the first two articles together provide a detailed introduction to the concept of brand architecture, the three subsequent articles expound upon specific topics related to brand architecture such as brand extension, brand hyperextension and corporate branding. The ...view middle of the document...

Aaker and Joachimsthaler developed further upon this idea and developed the Brand Relationship Spectrum, which identifies the roles played by different types of brands. Brand architecture plays a very important role in the management of a large product portfolio.

The second article titled Brand Foundations and Frameworks is by Rajagopal. The author explains brand architecture as the organizing structure as to how a company manages its brands. It specifies certain brand roles and the nature of relationships between brands. The key types of brand architectures used by firms across the world are: ‘house of brands,’ ‘mother-brand,’ ‘shadow endorsers,’ ‘token endorser brands’, ‘linked brand names’ and ‘house brand.’ These are explained in brief, with examples. The article gives stage-by-stage description of the brand architecture process describing as to how a brand level grows in an organization. The successive stages are brand as a reference, brand personality, brand as icon, brand as a company and brand as a policy. Brand architecture is not static and needs to be monitored and modified continually, based on brand architecture audit. It should provide a good framework for consolidating the number of brands and strengthening the role of individual brands.

The third article Brand Extension: Enhancing and Fortifying Parent Brand Image by M S Balaji focuses on the strategy of brand extension, and the factors responsible for its success. It also discusses the fortification process of parent brand equity through its brand extension strategy. It observes that a majority of the marketing managers think that it is sensible to extend and transfer the equity of their established brand rather than to launch new ones; as a result, there is a large percentage of brand extension failure. The article explains factors influencing successful brand extensions through a model – Four Pillars of Fit between Parent Brand and Brand Extension. This model is based on the concepts of relevance, recognition, transfer and credibility. It defines these concepts with examples, explaining their importance in brand extension. It gives tips for successful brand extension and fortifying the parent brand.

The fourth article Brand Hyperextension – A Study on the Abnormal Effects of Extending the Brand Beyond the Consumer’s Accepted Brand ID by Surya Pala explains the negative aspects of overstretching a brand. Many strong brands have taken the route of brand extension to new launches. However, such extension should be within the normal brand identity that is accepted by consumers. Any deviation from the brand ID may not be successful. Aaker has identified five dimensions of brand personality – sincerity, excitement, competence, sophistication and ruggedness, which define the framework for brand identity and brand extension. Brand stretching is where the brand name is extended to unrelated markets or product categories. However, such extensions can have a reverse effect on...

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