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Objective for Brand Audit

The task assigned for our Brand Management Project is to conduct a Brand Audit of any existing brand and discuss any social cultural or ethical issues faced by the brand along with he brands market, Consumer Profile, Competitors profile, brand Inventory, Brand equity, core brand Values and assess its strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

Introduction to Brand

(Brand Self Analysis)

Tarang is a specialized tea creamer, operating in Dairy Industry which was launched in year 2007. Tarang tea-whitener is production of Engro Foods and is currently Pakistan's Number 1 tea-whitening brand. Tarang is ...view middle of the document...

The brand is designed for a “common man” who is economically challenged.

Strategy behind the selection of Target Audience:
Tarang targets the common man of our society who has a simple life style, a limited salary, and their entire life revolving around only few objectives.

The brand management team of the brand conducted a research which concluded that a housewife’s primary aim is to manage their small budget for their home and also ensuring that she gets good quality stuff at the same time. Secondly, she considers giving time and priority to her family and her family’s needs and in the end she prioritizes herself which includes focusing on her own needs and desires.

Tarang tea whitener targets these housewives and aims to fulfill their third priority that is fulfilling their own needs and desires. It gives them a refreshing sip of tea giving them a break from their hectic routines and acts a “source of inspiration for them”

Many people have the misconception that Tarang is targeted to the “Punjabi people” (as its advertisements exhibit the Punjabi culture) which is surely not the case. The brand does not predominantly targets Punjabi people, as discussed by their brand manager. Rather it targets the lower strata of the society which includes consumers from all different cultures.

Geographical Scope of the Brand:
Tarang is available in almost every city of Pakistan including then Rural and Urban areas.

Social, Cultural or Ethical Issues:

According to Saadi Rauf, Tarang’s Assistant Brand Manager, the brand is not facing and Cultural, Social or Ethical issues currently, neither with the brand nor with its marketing and advertising campaigns.

Industry Review and Market Share

Pakistan is the fifth largest milk producer of the world. Milk production is 28 million tons from 125 million heads. With every day passing Dairy products are becoming more costly as the live stock farming and milk collection is has not significantly frown with the increase in population.

The demand for processed milk has increased its share in quality conscious customers. During the last two decades the, processed milk share is growing about 5% per annum.

The industry volume of tea whiteners (powder is 10,000 tons per annum. 29% of the total milk powder industry is milk whiteners.

Dairy Industry in Pakistan

Agriculture is one of the most important sectors of the Pakistani Economy, contributing 21% to Pakistan’s GDP and employing 45% of its labor force. Moreover, the single most important sub sector of agriculture is livestock; including cows, buffalos and goats which provide milk, meat, hides and other raw materials for the local market.

The livestock sector alone contributes 11% of the country’s GDP, with an estimated 42 billion liters of milk produced per annum.

Dairy products are made up the milk of buffaloes, sheep, goats and cows. These products are also treated...

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