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Brand Essay

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Positioning theory it is a very good tool to help mangers in the marketing mix decision. Looking at the maps above a manager could get a lot of ideas of what the brand should target.
Looking at the first map it is quite clear that snickers is a brand with low price and low quality compare to other chocolate bars and compare to other chocolate confectionaries. This is also a good picture of customers buying behaviour, which gives the manager an idea to target people that look for value ...view middle of the document...

The second map (diagram) explains two very important targets: taste and being a healthy or unhealthy product.
People who likes chocolates and chocolate confectionaries it is quite obvious that they will look for maximum taste. For a manager this is enough to think of targeting people that will love a nice chocolate bar to go with their coffee or treating themselves.
As snickers and other chocolate confectionaries are quite high in calories, it makes these products very unhealthy for people that watch their bathroom’s scales every morning, therefore it will be worthless to target this audience.
Third map (diagram) it is helpful to explain to a manager the convenience and what type of product is this brand. When people buy snickers and any other chocolate confectionaries often they do not think too much of what to buy they choose the one which is next to them, also people do not go in the shop deliberately to buy one of this brand, they buy this because they are there and they want to treat themselves or others. As this is a very impulsive choice and it has to be very convenience, therefore a manager should look of targeting a better position in supermarkets, convenience stores, and why not in any large organisation or public places such as universities, train stations and so on, by providing self service machines that sells these bars.

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