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Branches Of Biology Essay

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Branches of Biology
Biology, the study of life, has many aspects to it and many specializations within this broad field. Below is an alphabetical list of many of the branches of biology.

Agriculture - study of producing crops from the land, with an emphasis on practical applications

Anatomy - the study of the animal form, with an emphasis on human bodies

Biochemistry - the study of the chemical reactions required for life to exist and function, usually a focus on the cellular level

Bioengineering - the study of biology through the means of engineering with an emphasis on applied knowledge and especially related to biotechnology.

Bioinformatics - also classified as a branch of ...view middle of the document...

Ecology - the study of the ecosystem as a complete unit, with an emphasis on how species and groups of species interact with other living beings and non-living elements.

Entomology - the study of insects

Environmental Biology - the study of the natural world, as a whole or in a particular area, especially as affected by human activity

Epidemiology - a major component of public health research, it is the study of factors affecting the health and illness of populations

Ethology - the study of animal behavior.

Evolution or Evolutionary Biology - the study of the origin and decent of species over time

Genetics - the study of genes and heredity.

Herpetology - the study of reptiles (and amphibians?)

Histology - The study of cells and tissue, a microscopic branch of anatomy.

Ichthyology - the study of fish

Macrobiology - the study of biology on the level of the macroscopic individual (plant, animal, or other living being) as a complete unit.

Mammology - the study of mammals

Marine Biology - the study of ocean ecosystems, plants, animals, and other living beings.

Medicine - the study of the human body in health and disease, with allopathic medicine focusing on alleviating or curing the body from states of disease

Microbiology - the study of microscopic organisms (microorganisms) and their interactions with other living things

Molecular Biology - the study...

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