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Brain Response Essay

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Neurons are just like a system of electrical wirings installed in the body systems. Just like electrical wires, neurons are responsible for the conduction or transmission of all the information produced between the neurons and cells communication. From its name, it is obvious that neurons are excitable parts of the nervous system which assume very important functions. The brain is the central part that makes communication of the different body systems successful with ...view middle of the document...

Neurons and cells cannot accomplish information transmission job by themselves. For enabling the signals between the neurons and the cells to be relayed, amplified, and regulated, another important component of the central nervous system known as neurotransmitters are required. These neurotransmitters are comprised by different chemicals released at the presynaptic nerve terminal of the neurons where the synapse, which refers to the movement occurring across a small gap between neurons and other cells, serve as facilitators to accomplish effective passing of information between the neurons and other cells involved in the process. As facilitators of communication between the neurons and the cells, neurotransmitters assumes many important functions in the body systems and have involvement in the different processes of regulation, stimulation, motivation, transmissions and inhibitions in the body. Among the regulatory functions of neurotransmitters is the regulation of moods, emotion, affect, sensory functions, and perception which is the reason why neurotransmitters have significant impacts on the behaviour especially the dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine.

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