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Brain Disorder Essay

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Every second of every day, while you are out thinking about what to wear the next day others are wondering if it is there last or if there even is a tomorrow for them .Remember the cartoon show ”Winnie the pooh” each and every one of those characters had a brain disorder. Pooh suffered of an eating disorder that why he was obsessed with honey all the time, Piglet was diagnosed with anxiety that’s why he was scared all the time .Eeryore was cursed with depression, Tiger had a disorder called ADHD (hyper-active disorder).Christopher Robin was Schizophrenic .Brain disorders is like a bad computer virus it never goes away and if it does its all for awhile.
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Anxiety disorders include generalized anxiety disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, social disorder and specific phobias
Eating disorders involve extreme emotions, attitudes, and behaviors involving weight and food, Anerexica nervousa.bulima nervosa and binge eating disorder are the most common eating disorders.
People with impulse control disorders are unable to resist urges, or impulses, to perform acts that could be harmful to themselves or others. Pyromania (starting fires), kleptomania (stealing), and compulsive gambling are examples of impulse control disorders. Alcohol and drugs are common objects of addictions. Often, people with these disorders become so involved with the objects of their addiction that they begin to ignore responsibilities relationships
People with personality disorders have extreme and inflexible personality traits that are distressing to the person and/or cause problems in work, school, or social relationships. In addition, the person's patterns of thinking and behavior significantly differ from the expectations of society and are so rigid that they interfere with the person's normal functioning. Examples include ,obsessive-compulsive personality disorder, and paranoid personality disorder.
Psychotic disorders involve distorted awareness and thinking. Two of the most common symptoms of psychotic disorders are hallucinations -- the experience of images or sounds that are not real, such as hearing voices -- and delusions, which are false beliefs that the ill person accepts as true, despite evidence to disorder. Schizophrenia is an example of a psychotic disorder.
Mood disorders, also called affective disorders, involve persistent feelings of sadness or periods of feeling overly happy, or fluctuations from extreme happiness to extreme sadness. The most common mood disorders are depression, mania, and bipolar disorder.
Adjustment disorder occurs when a person develops emotional or behavioral symptoms in response to a stressful event or situation. The stressors may include natural disasters, such as an earthquake or tornado; events or crises, such as a car accident or the diagnosis of a major illness; or interpersonal problems, such as a divorce, death of a loved one, loss of a job, or a problem with substance abuse. Adjustment disorder usually begins within three months of the event or situation and ends within six months after the stressor stops or is eliminated.
People with Dissociative identity disorder suffer severe disturbances or changes in memory, consciousness, identity, and general awareness of themselves and their surroundings. These disorders usually are associated with overwhelming stress, which may be the result of traumatic events, accidents, or disasters that may be experienced or witnessed by the individual. , Dissociative identity disorder formerly called multiple personality disorder, or "split personality," and depersonalization disorder are...

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