Brahim Holding Berhad Strategic Management Essay

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Group Assignment:
An Analysis of Ready-meals Food Industry and Brahim’sHoldingBerhad

Group TMB 1
Lecturer: DrUmmiSalwa Ahmad Bustamam


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These days, competition among business companies and organizations in order to sustain in the market is really tough and challenging. There are lots of tactics and approaches that have been practice by these companies in order to survive. One of the most popular and vital skill in business management is the application of ‘Strategic Management’. According to (2014), strategic management is referred as the systematic analysis of factors related to external and internal environment of a business. The analysis function is made for the business in order to determine opportunities for short-term and long-term planning.

There are three stages in strategic management process. First is the strategy formulation. It is about identifying mission and vision, discover organization’s internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as external opportunities and threats.

The second stage is strategy implementation. During this stage, organizations have to develop annual objectives, devise policies, encourage staff and properly allocate resources so that the formulated strategy from the first stage can be implemented. The last stage is the strategy evaluation. It includes revising the external and internal factors which are the bases of current strategies, measuring organization performance, and taking corrective actions towards problems.

In order to implement the skill of strategic management, Brahim’s Holding Berhad had been selected for this study. In this report, the current situation of the food and beverages division has been studied according to the annual reports, websites, news, and other sources of information. At the end of the studies, some potential and alternatives strategies has been identified in order for the Group to boost its business performance.

Before discussing about the SWOT matrix, TOWS analysis and Five Porter Forces for this Group, knowing its background is quit necessary. Brahim’s was founded in year 1982 engaged primarily in the service of providing warehouse. However, after years of operation, Brahim’s had made several merger & acquisition and thus opened up itself to various industries. As in May 2014, it had divided the Group into five parts namely flight catering & cabin handling, food and beverages, bonded warehousing, sugar refinery and others.

As for this report, it will focus to the discussion on the food and beverages division. Provided below is the structure for the division:

As shown by the diagram, the Group owns 100% of Café Barbera which is founded in Italy. The Group managed to obtain...

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